Spring's Biggest Trend: Radiant Cheeks

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Judging by the new releases coming our way, the cheeks have it. New textures, new radiance, new colors; everything is about the cheeks! Here are the products you need to see to stay on top of the trends, as well as some tips on how to create the best look for you.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush combines the beauty of an ambient lighting powder with a touch of color. Like all Ambient Lighting powders, it's important to find the right color for your skin tone. These take a little experimentation to find the perfect shade, which should probably happen in person. It definitely took me a little time to figure out my favorite Ambient Lighting shade and after a little experimentation, the new blush shade for me is Luminous Flush. It's got a hint of coral and a ton of radiance. It shows up on my skin and wears beautifully.

Tarte recently released new Cheek Stain colors (and coordinated lip glosses) and I love them. They still smell like pink lemonade to me and every time I use them, I actually salivate. I can't get enough of True Love and Blushing Bride. I still think it's best to set these with a slight bit of coordinated blush to really make the color last. Plus, they always feel cool to the touch, which I love for reasons I can't explain.

Clinique recently launched four beautiful Cheek Pops that are rich in pigment, but apply with a light touch. Color can be built up for more of a pop or use a fan brush for a sheer wash of color. I love Ginger Pop, a coral-y shade that is perfect for my fellow gingers.

Make Up For Ever HD Blush is similar to their cream blush (that came in a small bottle), but is now in a compact. The colors go on like a cream, blend perfectly into the skin and give as much or as little color as you like. Colors are arranged by skin tone, so picking the right shade is easy. The color is blendable and goes on best with a brush.

I've asked pro makeup artist and one half of the duo Greene Street BeautyMelissa Street, for some advice on where to place cheek color.

Instead of the old-fashioned apple application, Street insists you should be using blush to lift and frame your face, especially the eyes. To find the correct spot for blush, rather than smiling into a mirror, use your fingers and feel for your cheek bones. Place blush  high on the cheek bone itself, curving upwards, toward the brow, not back towards the hairline.

One of the biggest mistakes women make when applying cheek color is putting it too close to the center of your face.  To determine where you should avoid putting blush, simply take the palm of your hand, with fingers naturally together, and place your hand over your nose, with your chin resting in your palm. Your blush should not extend into the area covered by your fingers. Be careful not to extend blush much past the center of your iris, towards your nose.

According to Street, her favorite way to achieve the perfect cheek is to layer, build and use the correct tools:

“Start by using a cream blush under your foundation. Use a brighter color than you may normally reach for and apply it with a slightly heavier hand than you would typically use. Then, stipple your foundation over the cream blush. This allows your cheek color to automatically look as if you are being lit from within. After you've applied your foundation, add a little more color using a fan brush, not your typical fluffy brush.”

Street also suggests that you “try mixing two or three colors – like pink, peach and bronze – to get a really natural look. The fan brush gives you a light, diffused touch of color, instead of a harsh streak.”

Picking the right color isn't as difficult as you think. Focus on the intensity of the color, not the actual color itself. Fair-skinned women can easily handle a sheer wash of a bright color or just a touch of a color like a dusty rose. Women with medium or olive-toned skin should use a slightly more intense shade; think more tawny than electric. Women with darker skin can lean toward using a brighter, more intense shade to help define their cheeks. Pick a few shades you like and put them together for look that is uniquely you!

Want more tips from Melissa and her partner in crime, Kim Greene? Download their beauty app!

Finally, be sure to use a shimmery champagne highlighter on the very tops of the cheek bones, curving upwards above the center of the brow bone.  This last step really frames your eyes and lifts your entire face.

What is your favorite technique? Picking up any of the new pigments? Share!

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