Skip It: Physicians Formula Smoky Shimmer Strips Eye Palette

Purchased by me.

I loved the look of the Physicians Formula Smoky Shimmer Strips Eye Palette. LOVED IT. I loved it so much I almost picked up several others in similar packaging. I'm glad I didn't. This palette is exactly why I don't usually spend $12 on a palette in the drugstore. I worry they are made of pigments just like this, dusty, dry and dead. It's like someone baiting you with whole cream and switching to powdered milk.

I had to struggle to get swatches, sometimes trying multiple times to get any pigment to transfer to my fingers. The palette is pretty, but leaves nothing to be desired--except the desire to have my cash returned.

Did I just get a bad egg or was this your experience too? Tell me what you thought if you've picked this one up.

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  1. I love this shades! They would look so pretty in green or blue eyes, I have brown eyes but I still want to try them.
    Have an amazing day :)

  2. holy cow! that is seriously awful. it looks worse than colored chalk. hope you get a refund.

  3. I almost fell for something similar- the Kardashian Kollection (shutup) eye shadow palette. The colors look so pretty, but I knew better....!

    1. Not on my watch you don't! I don't sit on floors at midnight makeup shopping with you for this nonsense! (assuming you are anonymously my cousin. If you're not, then we probably haven't been makeup shopping at midnight.)


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