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I received my first Glossybox the other day. I'm so late to all of the beauty boxes because I used to be under contract with a British beauty box company. It's all new to me! Glossybox is a beauty box that sends you five beauty products per month for $21. It's a little higher than some other beauty boxes, so I hope the quality of the products is better than the cheaper boxes.

First off, the actual box it comes in is really nice. Hold on to these for a future gifts, storing photos, small items or whatever. It's one of the nicest boxes I've received in a long time. (Yes, I realize this makes me sound like a two year old who likes the box better than what's inside, but deal.)

When I first began my subscription (which is kindly supplied for review), I filled out a profile about my likes and dislikes, and so the products I receive would be for my coloring. Be sure to do this when you subscribe!

Here is what I received in my first box:

An opaque pink nail polish from Lauren B

A sample size Pureology Hair Color Fanatic Multi-Tasking Hair Beautifier

A Sumita black kohl eyeliner

Ole Hendrickson Truth Serum Collagen Booster

Anatomicals Puffy the Eyebag Slayer Wake Up Under Eye Patches

Overall, I was pleased with the selection of products in my first Glossybox. I love the full size nail polish, despite never managing to conquer the milky opaque application of this kind of polish. I travel often for work, so a small serum that goes through TSA is always awesome. Plus, it's a great serum to boot! You can never have too many black eyeliners, especially ones that are an inky kohl. Who doesn't love Pureology? Even in small doses, it's always amazing. The hero in this box, however, is the Wake-Up Under Eye Patches from Anatomicals. These amazing little patches shrunk my sleep-deprived eye bags like a champ. These alone are worth the price.

Get your own Glossybox for $21 before the next month's box is sold out. What's in your box? Which beauty box is your favorite?

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  1. I've been thinking of getting a Glossybox for a while, do you think they are worth the 21$ ?
    Have an awesome day :)

  2. Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer?! Best name ever!! What a great month! I love Ole skincare. :)

  3. I love Truth Serum. I'm reviewing it on Friday. That alone would make me happy but the rest are pretty darn good. I'd love trying that polish.

  4. I really dislike Glossybox. I must say that their customer service leaves much to be desired. I was subscribed for a year and each month I was completely disappointed with the contents inside. Rarely was I ever excited for even one item that I saw in my box. What really makes me dislike their services is that the beauty profile means nothing to what they put in the box for you. I had often received items for someone who would be many shades darker than me. One time my sister (who also was subscribed and canceled her subscription) and I received a concealer in our boxes and my sample was a few shades darker than hers; this wouldn't seem like that big a of a deal except my sister is medium toned and I am light, so it was a big WTF moment for me. When I canceled my subscription I let them know the reasons why so that in the future other subscribers would be more satisfied and I never received any notification that they read my criticism.
    Really. Awful. Service.

    Btw, been reading the blog for a while and I love it! :)

    1. Thanks, Erin!! That sounds horrible! I've heard other tales of people who got the wrong shades...was that after you created a profile and chose your foundation shades? That stinks!!


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