Makeup Wars: Top 5 Favorite Illuminators

This week's Makeup Wars is all about illuminators. These glorious tools of reshaping make your face seem younger and more awake, renewed and refreshed. A little can go a long way and finding the perfect shade isn't always easy. You want the light to reflect on your face, but you don't want to look shiny or greasy. It's a fine line.

Here are my top 5 favorite illuminators!

1. Illuminator by Giella (for Gouldylox): Considering I helped create this product, I should love it! It's great for very fair skin (they can adjust it for medium or darker skin tones!) and never looks shiny. It's a natural looking, cream-based, illuminator that gives Kardashian face without looking like you've been sculpted within an inch of your life.

2. It Cosmetics My Sculpted Face: This is a palette of powders including a very dark brown and two pure white shades. While it looks like it would be harsh, blending makes it all better. If you want to start out slowly, contour your moisturized skin and apply your foundation on top, gently using a stippling brush. Try not to move the powder around while you apply your foundation.

3. Watt's Up by Benefit: This highlighter leans a little more champagne than white and looks beautiful on all skin tones. There was a time when this was all that I ever wore. It can look a little too shiny, so use only on the tops of your cheekbones and brow bones.

4. Photo Op Under Eye Brightener by Smashbox: This illuminator works really well under dark circles. It's not a traditional highlighter, but if you need to look wide awake first thing in the morning, this will help.

5. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector has been my go to favorite illuminator since I started this blog, almost five years ago. It will make you reflect like a mirror, but if you need to shine on like a crazy diamond, this is the stuff.

Want more illuminating goodness? Click the tiles below for my favorite bloggers other bright suggestions!



  1. I almost put Watt's Up on my list too, I love using it on my browbone!

  2. That's so cool you helped create a product!!

  3. I love Makeup Wars since it reminds me of hidden products I own like the Sculpted Face by It Cosmetics that I bought long ago. Photo Op never worked for me which is a shame.

  4. I love the My Sculpted Face Palette! That is so cool, too, that you helped to create a product! Go you! :)


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