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When I was first asked to look at some new products from Prestige, I was a little hesitant. I like to write about makeup that I really like. I had seen lots of Prestige in the stores, but it never looked special. There are amazing finds at all price points, but Prestige never really managed to catch my attention.

When I received a few of the products for review, I was gobsmacked. I was staring at what must have been Estée Lauder from last season.

Or from Chanticalle a few summers ago. I even posted a shadow or two on Facebook to see if you could guess who made them...out of all of the responses, only a few of you guessed correctly. And I'm convinced that was because there were no other companies left to guess. Hey, they looked great, but there was no way the shadows were decent, right?

Except they are awesome. The Total Intensity Shadows bring lots of shiny pigment, long wear and tons of shine.  And the more you brush them onto your lid, the more color shifts and changes. I am going to need to collect all of the colors!

Not sure about the shadows? The Total Wear Shadow Sticks are similar to Tarte's SmolderEYES, but half the price. Once they are on the eye, with or without primer, they don't move. There are actually six colors available, but below are the three I was able to preview.

These dry down fairly quickly, so don't get sidetracked. Meteorite is my favorite!

Each of these products will be hitting the shelves soon, in plenty of time to freshen up your look for spring. Each is under $10! You have to try these--I think you'll be just as happy as I am!

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  1. Whoa! Those are stunning! I'm too old and chicken to wear glittery shades like that as shadows, but I'd sure as heck wear 'em as liners! Lol - that's my sole refusal to bow to old age - I *will* keep wearing loud/colorful/glittery liners! with my neutral shadows... Heh heh... Purple Rain and Jungle War would be gorgeous liner shades. Gonna have to start the prowl for these, and wait til Ulta has one of their BOGO sales on Prestige!

    Thanks for the swatches - I am a longtime lurker, but this brought me out of the woods! :D


  2. I love Total Intensity liners...I'm so going to try the new shadow sticks now colors! I adore makeup hahaah So much fun to try all different things with makeup.


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