Boots Botanical Eye Shadow: Perfect Purples

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I previewed these on Facebook a week or so ago (incorrectly attributing them to the No7 collection, when it is the Botanics collection--apologies) and you guys seemed to have squee'd together at one time, causing a gasm in the makeup-universe.

Let's take a look at this palette and see if it holds up to the demands of those who squee'd.

This quad is pressed to include a pretty floral design and takes the guesswork out of picking what shadow goes with what color. So if choosing the right crease color is tricky for you, problem solved.


Orchid-toned colors (which means purple by general default) are allegedly huge right now. I'll admit that I am personally on a bit of a purple kick, so this quad is right up my alley. The lightest purple has a bit of iridescence. Just a touch! It's beautiful. This has easily become my favorite purple "palette" because all of the colors pack a pigmented punch. None of the colors are overly light...they all have bite!


This is definitely one of my favorite drugstore finds! Pick it up wherever Boots is sold.

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