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I found my one true love when I wasn't even looking. They say that is how it happens. You stop looking and the universe provides.

Or that Oprah book gives you a bicycle or something...I don't know. I'm not all new age-y.

I think it's something about the concept of making space for something new to come into your life. I'll never forget wandering around on weekends, solo, wondering when I might find the one thing that satisfies all of my needs. I didn't think my needs were that crazy. It's not a 200 point list like some other women have. My list covers the basics. I don't need a super slick exterior, but I can't live the exact same day over and over. Is that too much to expect?

It's not too much to expect. Because I found it.

My true love* is actually unlike anything else on the market. No matter how many people copy it, there isn't a good dupe. My true love? YSL's Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain. I must own about six of these pricey beauts. It's hydrating, but long lasting. Glossy, but doesn't come off quickly. It never looks worn down and the package is luxe. The RPCGS cushions the lips, making them look full and perfectly kissable. It wears for over an hour--three or four if I'm not eating. It flexes and bends with each kiss or chat and my dogs seem to love the scent. It's totally perfect.

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*My actual true love? I met him on a blind date to see a man in a monkey suit. The movie was awful and despite being told that "we couldn't fall in love because his parents would never accept me", we did just that. A year and a half later, he proposed to me in a jewelry store with the ring I brought him there to see. It was the very definition of anti-climactic. His parents were furious I wasn't converting. When we told his mom, she frowned and offered us a tuna sandwich. Later that night at a Passover seder, she asked her excited-for-us-friends to never bring it up again, as it was a shonda. While our relationship wasn't greeted with open arms by all parties, it has been forged in fire, and I'd be willing to bet it's much stronger than the best flash mob proposal on the net. It's all about the long journey, not just a few little, fleeting moments. I love you, Loxy.

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  1. I love your true love story. I know that it's not easy for parents with different religions marrying but the world is a different place now. This made you two stronger together actually.

    1. It was so long ago at this point that I understand why they were hurt. It just wasn't what they always pictured for their son. It wasn't about me, specifically. We are so strong as a couple today, I can't imagine it going any other way. Things have a way of working out!

  2. Thanks for sharing Kelly. I hope your mother-in-law came to her senses. If not she is missing out of a wonderful relationship with you.

  3. Aww I like this. Yay true love!


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