Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette Is Delicious


Have you seen the new Chocolate Bar Palette from Too Faced? Not the smaller one that popped up just after the holidays, but the full size, chocolate scented box of neutrals? It's too delicious not to dish!


This palette contains 16 matte and shimmering shades, all with a slight scent of chocolate. My palette didn't smell much, so if you worry about the scent being overpowering, don't.

The colors are a departure from the usual Too Faced palettes, which is exactly why you need to check them out! Filled with warmer colors that all lean brown, plus a beautiful purple, this palette works with all eye colors.

This palette also includes two larger nude shades. One has a bit of shimmer and the other is very matte. I like to use them to help alter the shades and blend, blend, blend!


The Chocolate Bar colors tend to be a little stronger, less shimmery and leans toward creating a striking, darker look. It's not just a basic nude palette. The colors are more complex and smoky. Take a look!

Here's one of my favorite ways to wear it. The Chocolate Bar has the casual colors for a weekend, but they are pigmented enough from a dramatic eye anytime you need it. This is easily my favorite palette so far this year!


Pick it up anywhere Too Faced is sold for $49.00.

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  1. The colors look divine :) I really want this one and the Boudoir eyes palette! I mean come on; who can resist a palette that looks AND smells like chocolate?!

    I hope it's not limited addition!

    1. You have to buy this!! I bought it about two weeks ago and grab it every time I've done an eye shadow look since.

  2. Oh wow, these are darker than I would have thought. I love them, and I love smoky eyes, so I may very well splurge on this palette. :)


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