Tarte Colored Clay CC Cream + Primer

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Tarte just launched a new Colored Clay CC Primer and I'm not sure what to think of it. I wasn't a huge fan of their BB Cream, because it didn't cover anything (and I magically didn't read the part that said "primer"). This CC Cream is similar, yet a little different. It also doesn't cover much, but does give the skin a refined and polished look.


Before we look at what it does, let's look at what's actually in it. This clay is rich with antioxidants to help fight free radicals that attack skin during the day. It also contains just a tiny bit of color-correcting clay to reduce redness or uneven skin tones. Of course, it's phthlalate- and paraben-free. But what exactly will this deliver?


If you don't need any color coverage but are looking for something to smooth out a little redness or sallow skin tone, this will help. It's not going to cover blemishes or dark circles, but it will give your pores a smaller appearance and will diffuse the look of fine lines.

You can also use it as a primer to help your foundation apply evenly and smoothly. Foundation stays slightly longer when you use this, no doubt due to the "grippy-ness" of the Amazonian Clay. Due to the clay blend, it also provides a smooth canvas for your foundation.

This CC Primer isn't heavy enough to cover blemishes, but it will diffuse imperfections in the skin and give you an even texture for foundation. Try it for yourself anywhere Tarte is sold, for $34.

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