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The drugstores are where the new makeup is right now! I was recently blown away by how much goodness was waiting for me at CVS/Pharmacy. Love it! (If you aren't a member of their Beauty Club, join now and save serious cash.)

The first new products I'm checking out this year are from COVERGIRL. The Bombshell line of eye products are all about creating a sexy look. Ingenue, super glam or old school, there is almost always room for a sparkly eye and really large lashes.

Let's take a look at the new Volume Mascara by LashBlast and three of the Shineshadows (Ice Queen, Color of Money and Platinum Club).

The mascara is huge. All over, huge. It contains two wands - one for volume and one to intensify your lashes. The result is pretty stunning!

Shineshadows are a cream shadow in a tube. Think of a beautifully shimmering cream shadow, in a mess-free tube.


 Apply the color with your fingers or a densely packed brush. I found that I didn't really need a primer to make these shadows look pretty and shine all night. I personally like to apply this with my fingers for a smudgy, sexy look.


You can build up the pigment and the shine by adding a few layers of the shadow. Just be sure to let the first layer "dry down" before adding a second layer.


Two of the colors I tried were darker, smoky colors. Be sure to pat the shadow onto the lid or you'll be left with a lot of smoky pigments and not a lot of color.

The mascara didn't flake or clump and I was truly surprised at how much length and volume I was able to build into my own lashes. The Shineshadows are nice, but I wish the darker colors stayed true and didn't fade out to smoky shades so quickly. The Ice Queen shade is lovely!

If you've tried these, please let me know what you think!

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  1. I just picked up the mascara yesterday, so I'm anxious to try it! I went back and forth on the shadows but I think the next time I'm at the store I'm going to pick up a few. They look so pretty in your swatches!

  2. I want that green eyeshadow. It's been on my radar but I didn't know it was available yet.

  3. I've used the mascara enough that I'm probably not going to get it again. When I use both formulas, it weighs my straight lashes down. I already have enough trouble getting them to hold a curl! I grabbed the copper shadow last week, but haven't tried it yet. I love the colors you swatched!


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