Bobbi Brown Launches New Light-Catching Lip Colors

Last weekend, I stumbled upon some shimmery, shiny newness from the Queen of Nudes, Bobbi Brown. These Shimmer Finish Light Catching Lip Colors are new for Bobbi because they offer a glimmering, light-reflecting lip color that also pampers your pucker. Nourishing oils and natural lipids make for conditioned and supple lips you'll love.  

Each shade is specially crafted to make your lips pop, without a tremendous amount of color. When worn without a liner, they look a little more like a lipgloss than a traditional lipstick. 

I picked up one to try. Malt Shimmer is a tiger's eye type of bronze-y brown, a perfect complement to my fair skin and red hair. While most colors looked similar to many on the shelves at other counters, Bobbi did surprise me with Twilight Shimmer (bottom left), which takes on a more brown-ish tone than I normally associate with Ms. Brown, or with this decade. As far as browns go, it's definitely pretty but very, very 90's. The rest of the colors range from barely-there shimmer to to noticeably colorful.

These don't last that long on the lips, but definitely do catch the light. I think this would be a beautiful choice for a date night or anywhere the candle light will flicker in your eyes. The light will glimmer off of your lips and the light texture and scent of the lip color will entice your lucky guy or gal to go in for the kiss. 

Each retails for $25. Let me know what you think if you've picked them up!

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  1. I was wondering, what color are the two swatches on the bottom right side of your hand?


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