A Glimpse From My Glamorous (and Not So Glamorous ) Trip to Los Angeles

How cool is this art? It's made of old film canisters!

Last week I was in L.A. on a shoot with a female celeb (whom I can't name until the ads break in May. Here's a hint: She's a funny little witch with implied musical ability.). It was a really fast trip, but I had just enough time to get my beauty fix. The first thing I did was hit my favorite LA makeup stores: Frends and Naimies. To see what I scored, check out Gouldylox on Facebook. Reviews are coming soon! For the highlights and the awkward moments, keep reading....

One of many editorial styles from the portfolio of Peter Savic.
Most Influential Person On Set?

I got to work with hair master Peter Savic, who normally styles the likes of Gaga, Kourtney and other recognizable-by-one-name-celebs. Quick tips I was able to glean I between shots?

Don't let your ends get too thin. If your piece-y long ends look more like a series of points than a healthy head of hair, cut them off for a modern, healthy look. While watching him work, I noticed he is the master of the imperfect perfection. Don't be afraid to bobby pin loose strands all willy-nilly. 
Loose and random = glamorous and totally achievable.

My dorkiest moment?

It wouldn't be me if I wasn't awkward. My dorkiest moment? Finding myself physically choked up when discussing how positive I was that Tammy Taylor was happy in Philadelphia, finally getting her chance to follow her own career. Since the other producer on set was a huge fan of Friday Night Lights, I'm sure she understood. Or at least she understood that I take my television very, very seriously. I really, really love that show.

Loxy's Proudest Moment of Me?

I can't tell Kevin Costner and Dennis Quaid apart, a fact which makes Loxy question how he can even be married to me. In my brain (the same brain that won't allow me to master the concept of left and right), they just look the same. However, when I practically bumped into Kevin Costner at the hotel, I immediately knew it was him. Loxy has never been more proud (But I know he will always wonder if it was actually a Quaid).

My second dorkiest moment (I have a lot of those):

Suddenly pulling over the car while driving with my uber-cool designer and coworker to take a photo of legendary recording studio Sunset Sound. I've passed it a million times and never actually seen it. It happens to be where a large portion of my favorite doc to watch and re-watch takes place. It's the little things that make me happy.


I was most bummed about ...

Not having time to see my favorite west coast bloggers. I really need to build an extra day into my trips or we all need to go to some fabulous destination together like we keep joking about.

I'll have reviews from my Naimies and Frends purchases soon. I'm most excited about the Bobbi Brown Brightening Finishing Powder in Porcelain Pearl, the Ben Nye Liquid Haircolor (for my roots!) and the Kryolan Berlin Eyeshadow Palette



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