NYE Prep: How To Handle January 1 Like a Lady


The New Year holds such great promise, doesn't it? Fresh starts, renewed promises, second chances and resolutions. But how many times has the evening started out perfectly glamorous and ended with disheveled hair, messed up makeup and a sneaking suspicion that you did something you shouldn't have?

If describes you (or even if you rang in the new year in your jammies with a glass of wine), here is what you'll need for a fabulous 1st. But before we dive into the three must-have products to keep it classy the day after, here is what you need to know on NYE.

Make sure you have a ride home. Driving buzzed, tipsy or sloshed is bullshit so don't do it. Fun fact: my back is still fracked from being hit by a drunk driver 20 years ago!

DrinkyPal is a free iPhone app that locates where you are and will find a cab to come and get you.

AAA's Tipsy Tow program will tow you and your car home (within a 5 mile radius) in select cities for free.

Hailo is a magnet for taxis. You had money for bottle service, you have money for a ride home.

Uber is also an option and, though it won't be free, it is easy.

Now that you know how to get home, here's what to keep in your bag to make the best of a potentially awkward morning after.

Dry ShampooVoce Refresh ME Dry Shampoo gives you double the amount of product compared to the usual cans (so there is plenty to share). If you press the nozzle down halfway, you'll get a light, clear mist. If you push it down the entire way, you'll get a slightly white spray that removes oil and product build up. It smells clean and fresh and adds volume. It's a perfect pick me up for next day hair. If you can remember, spray some in your hair before you go to bed. You're welcome.

Cleansing Cloths: Every blogger agrees that Yes To makes the best cleansing cloths. Pick out the right kind (Blueberries? Cucumbers?) for your skin type and keep them with you at all times. Be sure to wipe off your glamorous face before going to bed, even if it's the last thing you do. These cloths will even help you freshen up all over (wink, wink). Cucumber is my favorite!

Skin brightener: Everyone's skin needs a little radiance boost after a night of celebrating. Fake it with the return of Revlon's Photoready Skinlights. It's the instant radiance that people loved enough to pay over $100 on eBay for the same product when Revlon stopped production. You'll want to carry it in your purse, trust me.

How are you celebrating? I'll be staying close to home with Loxy and the pooches, just the way I like it.

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  1. Oh, the good old days of not being sure what you did on New Year's eve! I know that sounds bad but I know for a fact I'm not the only one :) One great thing about being older is not feeling the need to go out and make a complete fool of myself. Been there, done that, had a hell of a time!! Staying home with the hubby, the cats, and the houseguest and drinking good champagne. That's my idea of a good time these days.

  2. You and me both. I'm more than happy to stay home with Loxy and the pooches. We have movies, the neighbors will have fireworks and I'll get a front row seat to Macklemore, whom I unabashedly love. Happy NYE, Deb. xoxoxo

  3. Dry shampoo is great. I've used it on these chilly winter days when I've not felt like washing my hair.

    I am really sorry about the drunk driver hitting you and your ongoing back issues.

    I am going to be staying home and watching the ball drop (or local fireworks) on television.
    You and yours have a great new year.


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