Makeup Wars: Favorite Indie Brand

What is an indie brand these days? Is it something made in someone's kitchen? Something without wide distribution (except for online)? Something made and sold by essentially one person? I'm not really sure, so I was having a bit of a hard time picking one to highlight as my favorite indie brand.

But then I remembered the one product that has been one of my favorites since the second I discovered it about four years ago. And since I know the owner and I know she's small, reputable and fabulous, if you haven't already discovered her (and her amazing powder), then get ready to have your world rocked.

My favorite indie product by my favorite indie brand? Diamond Perfect Finish Powder by Purely Cosmetics. This powder is proud to settle into your fine lines and pores, because it does so in a way that is almost totally invisible to the naked eye. Instead, the diamond powder messes up the way light naturally reflects off of the skin, causing lines, wrinkles and pores to be instantly minimized with a blue glow that can't be seen by the eye. What's left is an aura, like someone who is keeping a secret. It's not shiny or glittery at all.

It's amazing. It gives your skin a beautiful finish, super smooth and visibly brighter. It helps set your makeup for hours and is the only indie product I know of that is routinely used by pros working in high def on the set of commercial and TV shoots. It won't break the bank and the owner of the company couldn't be nicer. If you don't already have this powder (it's made with real diamond dust!) then you are truly missing out.

Discover other indie products from my makeup wars friends by clicking on the tiles below!

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  1. I'm all about hiding the fine lines and wrinkles. Bring on the aura!

  2. You know I totally agree with this. When I was making a list Purely Cosmetics Diamond Finish was first on my mind!!

  3. I've been meaning to try Purely Cosmetics!!


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