The Most Annoying Traits of Beauty Products

I'm willing to try almost anything. And I have! But sometimes, the little things just irk me and I can't get past it. It makes me want to avoid a brand altogether and never look back. Here's my list of beauty blunders that make me want to scream at the pretty pictures in the ads.

1. Mascara ads where false lashes are being used. Seriously? Why advertise your mascara by showing us something that obviously sits on a throne of lies? At least there are disclaimers on most of the adverts now. No wonder we always hate our lashes!

2. Products called Fat Girl anything. I once met with a brand who then sent me a gift basket...filled with Fat Girl products. Thanks for the products. And for recognizing I could lose a few pounds. Those creams never really work, so let's stop making them and for the love of cheese, let's stop naming them "Fat Girl".

3. Overly airbrushed anything makes me nuts. No one believes that she really looks like that, so why are you still trying? Real people without most of the retouching, please.

4. Perfume ads that have women lost in a forest waiting to be rescued, need to stop. No woman that spends that much on a single bottle of perfume would ever get lost in the woods wearing a dress like that.

5. Ads that only show the makeup on really white people and never anyone with a tan or dark skin. Come ON!

6. Teeny tiny portions of eyeshadow that brushes barely fit in are not helpful, ever. No matter how cute the packaging may be.

7.  If BB/CC/DD creams are going to be a thing, they have to have more than 3 colors available. Not many people are actually that taupe.

8. Holiday makeup collections that are just recycled bits of things no one bought during the year. Stop it! We know what you are up to, give us gold and glitter!

9. Packaging that forces you to find alternate ways to get the product out of the bottom are not ok. Is it that hard for the Wen pumps to work? Does anyone have an old pro size UDPP that they didn't cut apart?

What makes you bonkers when it comes to beauty companies? Share, will ya?

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  1. I HATE things with pumps! HATE with the burning of a million suns. Lotion...WEN....ANYTHING! Give me tubes, give me squeeze bottles...anything but pumps!!!

  2. A big HELL YES to #9. Why does Wen pump stop working when there's like a third of product left? It makes no sense!

    Another frustrating thing - When an eyeshadow looks beautiful in the pan, so you buy it, and then when you try to wear it, it's hardly pigmented at all! (ex. Urban Decay Zodiac shadow doesn't show up at all unless you foil it and use a primer)

  3. Exacty..How about, new packaging with less product and higher price? Anyone with me on that?

  4. This is perfect. I had such a good laugh, but these are all very true.

  5. how amazing is that i love new york gif....haha agree with everything in this list!

  6. the "anti-aging" and "lipo in a bottle" really? Do u think I'm stupid enough to believe I can get surgical results with non surgery? REALLY? just stop already


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