Happy New Year! StriVectinLABS Extreme Cream Lasts for 24 Hours

StriVectinLABS Extreme Cream delivers deep continuous hydration that lasts over 24 hours.  That means it provides real hydration that never stops working. Your skin never stops looking plump and the fine lines that disappear don't reappear. Or, that's the theory, I presume.

According to the company:
Did you know that skin that lacks moisture can make you look older than you actually are?  Our research has showed that women rank dehydration as their biggest concern and they want products that supply intense moisturization. StriVectinLABS Extreme Cream provides skin with that needed moisture that also happens to help fight the signs of aging. In our clinical study, the look of deep wrinkles was reduced in just 4 weeks.

This highly nourishing moisturizing treatment includes our medically derived, anti-aging NIA-114 technology, what we call, “moisture seeking molecules” and our brand new Energizing Oxygen Complex to all revitalize fatigued, overworked skin for immediate and long term suppleness and improved skin texture.

I've been using it for a few weeks and it truly does a nice job. My normally dry skin doesn't feel itchy or dehydrated, nor does it feel greasy. It's just nicely balanced and very, very comfortable. Which can be a little unusual for this time of year. 

Check it out on QVC today at 4pm for more details and special pricing!

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  1. The problem, though, is that it's in a jar. You end up transferring bacteria into the jar through your fingers, and as soon as it's exposed to air, it starts to break down. Invariably, I'm drawn to those products with either a pump, or a bottle.


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