Davines: This Is A Curl Building Serum

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One night, my hair air-dried wavy. Like it was no big deal. I can't explain it and it wasn't as glorious as I had imagined in my dreams. But it was wavy. The next day, I asked my stylist Bethany what curl product would help boost my waves, without making my hair feel like it was covered in goop. If I loathe anything in my now really long hair, it's products that make my hair feel like it's not flexible, soft or natural. I suppose that's one of the weird things that makes me, me. I hate putting anything in my hair that I can feel.

Bethany suggested Davines' new curl enhancing serum, This Is A Curl Building Serum. Yup. That's its name. I don't know why, but many of their newer products now have sentences for names. Anywho...TIACBS claims to help build waves and curls while providing humidity resistant texture. I raced to the salon to pick it up. (I seriously raced there on my way to the first night of Hanukkah. Thanks to Loxy for always being so cooperative during my hair emergencies.)

I washed my hair the morning before Thanksgiving and applied my usual Oi and a healthy dollop of TIACBS. I used my Sam Villa diffuser to help encourage waves and much to my surprise, it delivered! I will admit to using my fingers and a skinny brush to really encourage some spiraling around my face. (In hindsight, a curling iron would have been easier). However, the end result was pretty impressive.

Yup. That is my normally very straight hair turned wavy with a diffuser and TIACBS. the best part? It stayed that way all day (and the next day!). I didn't feel like I had anything in my hair, which was fantastic.

However, brushing my hair resulted in waves that dissipated the next evening. So if you want flexible, soft waves and don't need to brush your hair often, this is perfect. I've also been using it to encourage my hot roller waves to stay gorgeous all day.

This is a Curl Building Serum lives up to its name, even though it's a weird one. Pick it up from Laboratorie in Baltimore or find a salon near you.



  1. I am intrigued. I may have to seek this product out.

  2. Do you think it needs to be heat-activated (with a blow-dryer), or would it work even if you let your hair air-dry? The waves it created in your hair are lovely!

    1. It works either way. It works better for me if I dry it with a diffuser, but you never know....


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