Brushes of the Future from MAC: for the Masses or for Pros Only?

I've been curious about MAC's new Masterclass brushes since I saw them mentioned in Allure a few months ago. I literally marked the date on my calendar when they would be available in my MAC store and went to pick them up as soon as they were for sale.

The following day, one of the makeup artists from House of Cards (and virtually everything else you've watched that's shot in my hometown of Baltimore), Cheryl "Pickles" Kinion and I went to check them out.  You should know that Pickles and I have very different aesthetics of what we like. I'm all about you. The regular chica. The girl next store who wants to finally master getting her eyeliner to match on both sides. Pickles, on the other hand, is all about turning actors into characters, without a heavy-handed look.


According to the press I've read, these Masterclass brushes are the "brush of the future" and "were all the talk" in the tents at Fashion Week last season. Considering no one in the store had actually tried them when we showed up to play, Pickles and I pushed our way through to a mirror and push these brushes through their paces.

Unlike almost any other brush on the US market, these look a little more like a toothbrush than anything else. Each brush is a densely packed, has synthetic bristles and is more about shape and ease than a traditional brush. You just have to try them to understand.

There are three brushes: a liner brush, a shadow brush and a foundation/powder brush. Let's start with the small liner brush first.


Pickles and I both tested the liner brush. I know this is the favorite of artists like Dustin Hunter (in my mind, his name is Tyler Durden, btw). I'm just going to say it. I don't get this one. I'm sure if I picked it up and played with it at home for a few days, I might see its beauty. But in the hour spent hoarding a mirror at the counter, I didn't get it. It's too thick and dense for a liner. Maybe for brows or contouring the nose? The best use I can see for this is creating a perfect cut crease.


The shadow brush. This little oval brush is best suited for shadows, contouring areas larger than the nose and blending. Because you hold these brushes differently, it seems to make blending a little easier. Pickles specifically loved how easy it was to blend shadows on eyelids with a little "crepey-ness". I really like this brush for doing a totally goof-proof crease. I apply the shadow to the brush (the whole brush - just rub the brush over the shadow like normal). Then, while holding the brush up and down (as opposed to sideways), place the brush on the corner of your eye, like it's extending up to where your crease begins. Now, using a windshield wiper movement, feather the shadow slightly inward. Ta da! A perfect shadow in minimal time.


Finally, let's discuss the foundation brush. It's suggested that this brush works well for powder and liquid foundation. I have to disagree. I am not a fan of heavy-handed powder application and I'm not sure how you could avoid being too heavy handed where powder is concerned. Or maybe I'm just accustomed to how a less-densely packed buki works. I like my bristles to have some movement and some airiness. I think this brush works beautifully for liquid and cream foundation. It's equally as nice as a Beauty Blender. I don't like it for blush. Not one bit.


At the end of the day, both Pickles and I picked up the shadow and the foundation Masterclass brush, leaving the other Liner Brush behind (I went back and picked it up a week later!). These cost around $30-50 each. Worth it or passing? Have you tried these? What did you think?

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  1. Whoa. They look like toothbrushes! Colour me intrigued!

  2. Have you figured out how to use the liner brush? I'm torn on these. I think I would enjoy the eyeshadow one but the others seem scary.

    1. The liner brush is GREAT on brows and for creating a serious crease. I'm really, really liking them - the more I play with them, the more I'm not reaching for anything else!

  3. Cheryl Kinion is a mean miserable nasty turd. She is hardly a make up artist in a professional sense of the word. She name drops at every opportunity and is possibly one of the most dishonest people I know.


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