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Are you excited to see JLaw's new movie, American Hustle? The dark creased, uncomplicated shadow, the unintentionally smudged eyes, the winged hair and all just reminds me of spending hours trying to copy the hairstyles on WKRP in Cincinnati and Love, American Style, back when I was in first grade. Even though I was five, I still rocked the feathered look.

I'm certain American Hustle is going to cause a resurgence in ultra shiny lips, imperfectly kohl-rimmed eyes and curling irons with clips. Get the look with these products.

Super Glossy Red Lips:
Super glossy red lips just say 70's to me (kind of like that really long pinky nail!). Start with a red lipstick, like F Bomb from UD. Then add a clear gloss lip gloss and you have perfect 70's lips. Want a glossy red with a hint of metallic? You want Siren from Hourglass. The look isn't intended to be perfect. Just be sure to touch up after a drink or two.

Feathered and Fluffed:
Farrah is the queen of the 70's hair. To get the look yourself, start with a totally touchable mousse, like Bumble and Bumble Full Form Mousse. Then using hot rollers or a curling iron with a clip, methodically curl your layered style with your rollers facing towards the back of your head. (It helps set the style if you roll your hair with your hair brushed slightly forward.) After the curls cool, feather the curls back and let them fall where they may. Finish with a spray like Elnet for a fine, serious hold.

Get the Hustler up-do:
Curl hair with a tourmaline 3/4-inch iron, all over your head. Pile the curls up on top of your head and secure with bobbi pins. Pull out your bangs and the hair from your temples. Be sure to curl perfect ringlets on the sides, while giving your bangs a little help feathering back. Next, shake your head to loosen the whole thing and set with hairspray.

Bronzed Beauty:
Urban Decay's Naked Flush will give you the bronze glow you need with a little pop of color to accentuate your cheeks. Be sure to really contour with a large fluffy brush using the bronzer and don't forget to top cheek bones with a straight line of highlighter. Perfect!

What is your favorite seventies trend? Perms on guys? Strong, sexy perfume? What would you want to come back?

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  1. American Hustle doesn't conform to one genre, though it has elements of farce, screwball, heist thriller and caper comedy. In dressing it up like a Scorsese-style crime movie, Russell brings an unusual weight and tension to [the film].


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