Sam Villa E-T.C. Light Professional Dryer

Sam Villa E-T.C. Dryer, the lightest dryer on the market

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A few weeks ago, I reminded you what a styling snob I am with a curling iron trial. I try so many irons and dryers that it takes a bit to impress me. And irons, they take a lot to impress. But a dryer is a dryer, right?

Not quite. I was recently discussing high-end dryers with my favorite stylist. She paid several hundred dollars per dryer for her staff. Why? She needed a high-powered dryer that could also work with fine or thin hair. It needed a controllable (and powerful) heat setting. The back must promote easy access to the fan for cleaning and the dryers must be able to withstand attaching different nozzles over and over again. And if the motor can be repaired instead of trashed, that's even better. When I was telling her about my most recent dryer I was reviewing, she was way more curious than I ever expected.

First things first. If you don't know who Sam Villa is, let me introduce you. He's Redken's Education and Artistic Director and has been in the business for more than three decades. He's known for his ability to breathe excitement and art into styling. He's got fantastic tutorials on everything from cutting to styling and now he's the proud owner of his own styling line. Created with pros in mind, those serious about good hair can benefit as well.

Here is his baby; the Professional Ionic Hair Dryer.

         Sam Villa E-T.C. Dryer, the lightest dryer on the market

  • Made exclusively for Sam Villa in cooperation with the Gamma Piu Company in Italy
  • 1750 watts - our patented Turbo-Compressor Technology enables more airflow with less power drain. Airflow and speed measure equal to or better than most dryers requiring 1875+ watts
  • Our incredible lightweight design of less than 1 lb reduces fatigue
  • Curved comfort grip handle placed your hand in an ergonomically correct position for all day use and reduced muscle strain
  • Patented Evolution-Turbo Compressor Technology delivers intense power with quiet airflow resulting in quicker drying time
  • Built-in ceramic/tourmaline ion generation creates incredible shine and reduces static and frizz, resulting in smooth, sleek finishes
  • Controls offer 3 heat settings, 2 speed settings & a press and hold cool shot button
  • Includes 2 rotating nozzles, a wide nozzle to expand airflow while drying long thick hair and a narrow nozzle when more air concentration is needed for polished finishes
  • Also includes a deep-bowl diffuser that reduces frizz and maintains the natural curl pattern on wavy and curly hair
  • Professional 9 foot memory resistant cord allows for ease of movement around the station without tangling or twisting
  • Removable filter unlocks easily to facilitate effortless cleaning
What does all of that mean to those of you drying your hair in your own bathroom?

It's a super light dryer (2 ounces lighter than a T3 Featherweight!) that has enough speed to dry really long and thick hair, while not abusing thin or fine hair. It's also really quiet, so quiet that you can still hear a phone ring. It's much quieter than other dryers I own. It's very light. The dryer itself comes in at  14.60 oz, it's the lightest dryer I own. (And the lightest dryer I know of!)

Sam Villa E-T.C. Dryer, the lightest dryer on the market

The handle and buttons are very comfortable to hold and never get in the way. I love that the cool shoot button is almost flush with the handle and it stays in place, without requiring your hand to hold it in. Plus, you'll get two nozzles (I love the wide!) and a deep-bowl diffuser for making the most of curly or wavy hair.

        Sam Villa E-T.C. Dryer, the lightest dryer on the market

It dries my very long (how cool that I can actually say that now!) and very thick hair quickly. It leaves it glossy and pretty after one use. If you are a pro or just want pretty hair fast, this dryer is totally Gouldylox approved! It retails for $199, but at the time of writing, it's  on sale for $169. This dryer is replacing the other two high-end dryers currently on my vanity! Yes it's expensive, but if you baby your hair or just want your hair to be it's healthiest, this is the dryer to invest in.

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