Laura Mercier White Magic Illuminating Eye Colour

Last year, my hands down favorite shadows came from Laura Mercier. They were pigmented, but light. Spongy, but not wet. Dry, but still creamy. They were magical. Oh how I loved the Art Deco Muse Collection...

This year, as part of the White Magic Collection (fitting name!), Laura is releasing three more shadows in the same formula. Pearl Fantasy, Crystal Fantasy and Pearl Fantasy. All three are new and honestly, almost too pretty to use. I received two of the shades to check out, Crystal and Pearl.

These shadows are just as beautiful as their predecessors. The colors are pigmented, but sheer. And they are far from flat. However, because they are so light, they would work best as highlight colors or over other shades to give your regular colors a little kick. If you only want a touch of sparkle, these are fine to wear alone to create an ethereal glow. I do wish there was a teeny bit more color payoff. However, they're pearls and are perfect to transform other shadows by way of a little White Magic.

Crystal Fantasy is a light mint. It's so light it will work on anyone. I think it would transform blues and greens into pearlescent perfection. Top off your shadow with a touch of Crystal Fantasy--you'll love the sparkle!

Pearl Fantasy is best suited for an all over lid color or to highlight your tear ducts or brow bones. It will also help transform any matte shadow to a slightly cooler pearly color. Get inspired and try mixing shadows!


Each retail for $24. Love them or too light? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. We have these @ the store! Near the register. I will have to test them out tomorrow when I go in on Black Friday. :P


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