How To: Retro Pony with No Teasing!

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Want a retro ponytail without the teasing? Me too! I hate teasing my hair. I'm always worried that teasing it, even just once in a while, will break my hair and compromise its integrity. But you don't have to tease if you have a few simple basics on hand. Plus with these tricks, the volume will never go poof! You won't be left with flat hair, even when the weather isn't cooperating.

2. Any simple, small hair jaw clip
3. Hair tie or elastic

Here is what you do. Section off the top of your hair, combing it back smoothly. Right before the top of your head becomes the back of your head, place the pompadour sponge firmly into your hair, with the comb pointing towards your bangs.

Gather your hair into a ponytail, over the sponge. Secure with an elastic.

Lift up the top section of your actual ponytail and insert the butterfly clip, with the teeth gripping into the hair where the pony tail splits. Allow the hair to fall naturally.

Now your crown and your ponytail have an extra bit of volume, without any teasing. And it's humidity-proof and takes less than five minutes. Try it!

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