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Different products work differently on each person. Sure, some things are universal, but for the most part, it's a bit of hit and miss. And sometimes, you find a secret weapon that helps make your products hit more often than miss.

A friend of mine recently suggested I try Reviva Labs Skin Energizing Gel to help my dry skin absorb more of the products I was using. It works by using electrically charged minerals to excite the skin into absorbing more of the products you put on after the gel.


I'm not exactly sure how this works, so I asked both the company and Dr. Atomalox, a physicist who is currently working in a government think tank to kick cancer's ass. Clearly, he asked that I not reveal his name. Here is what they both said.

Here is what the company says:

Seaweed feeds on the ocean waters it lives in.  Besides minerals and trace minerals, seaweed also has an ideal combination of vitamins and amino acids.  Our Skin Energizing Gel #330, is a concentrate almost 100% seaweed extract.  And besides the energy it provides, the negative ions also contribute to giving the skin moisture – in a unique way.  Seaweed, as you may know, is mainly seawater.  Normally, skin gets most of its water from the dermis upward to the epidermal cells through osmosis.  We get a little water from the surface downward through humectant-type moisturizers that draw water from the outside air – but comparatively little.

However…whenever our Gel, mainly seawater, is applied to the skin, its high charge of negative ions get attracted to the positive charge on the skin surface.  (Opposites attract!)  And because there are no fatty elements in the gel to hinder its adherence, the gel attaches so closely to the skin surface that there’s an immediate osmotic water transfer from the seaweed’s water content into the corneum layer.  This was proven in a University study that concluded the corneum layer was “plumped up” after use of seaweed gel.  So beyond the vital mineral energy for the epidermis, our Oceana Gel also adds moisture.

Here is what Dr. Atomalox says:

It's highly probable that there is not a lot known about the biochemistry of whatever species of sea kelp they are using here, but "electrically charged" minerals sounds unlikely. Acids and bases have ions, which are electrically charged in solution, but for that you don't need a mineral, or bacteria. Much more likely is that something is uncharged but polar, which ordinary water is. In that situation the overall charge is 0, but slight differences in the charge locations produce small but biochemically significant fields. If something were actually charged, it could be neutralized in highly destructive ways, and I can't see any reason to think the neutralization pathway could be relied on to help skin condition. It is conceivable that a polar molecule could help skin condition, but to my knowledge that hasn't been proven. If, for example, a clump of Hawaiian seaweed actually had, overall, an unbalanced charge, you would get shock when you picked it up.

What I say:

Oddly enough, the first two times I touched this gel, I felt a small jolt that made me question my sanity. It happened a second time as well. I haven't been able to reproduce this since and honestly, it does make me wonder if I imagined it or if it happened. But I'm leaning towards it happening.

I've  been applying the gel to one side of my face and can feel a definite difference between the two sides. One side feels more hydrated over the other. Since I have really dry skin, I have to call it a win, especially since it's so inexpensive to use. Keep in mind, there are a lot of factors that come into play when you talk about absorbing product into the skin, first and foremost, are the molecules small enough to penetrate the dermis? Either way, I noticed a difference when using the Skin Energizing Gel. Try it yourself for $10!

Have you tried it? What do you say? Share it in the comments!

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