Beauty Quiz: What Does Your Ponytail Reveal About You?

After just being tricked into reading a post about Nicole Kidman's dirty addiction secret (it's chocolate cake, btw), I was left thinking how stupid the internet can actually get.

Which led me to wonder...

What does your ponytail reveal about you? I bet you've never wondered before right this moment, right? Me either! Find out what your ponytail says about YOU.

1. Would you rather sleep for an extra 10 minutes or get up so you can smooth out your ponytail look?
A. Sleep. But since you're waking me up for this, I might as well try to flatten out that weird lump.
B. Get up with plenty of time to re-create that pinterest look.
C. A pony takes 3 seconds. Why are you even asking me? And who takes 10 minutes for these things?

2. Do you own a topsy tail?
A. Yes.
B. No.
C. I keep one in my purse for emergencies.

3. Would you wear a scrunchie (out)?
A. No. I can't believe you'd even suggest it.
B. YES! They were on the runway last season!
C. Seriously? I made them in the 80's and still have them. Want some?

4. What type of brush do you use to finish your pony?
A. Whatever is close.
B. A densely bristled boar-hair paddle brush or a spooli with hair spray.
C. My fingers.

5. How many hair ties do you wear on your wrist?
A. No fewer than one, even at formal events.
B. None.
C. I keep a messy gaggle of tangled hair ties in the bottom of my purse and car cup holder, just in case.

6. Where does your ponytail naturally settle?
A. Middle of my head.
B. At the very back of my crown.
C. Just below that dent at the back of my head.

7. Do you wrap your ponytail with your own hair for a pretty finish?
A. I. Just. Can't.
B. Of course! Wrapping hair around the bobby pins helps hide loose ends and keeps it in place!
C. That's a thing?

8. Have you ever curled your hair specifically to put it in a ponytail?
A. I've curled the ponytail itself, but only for my BFF's wedding.
B. It gives the nicest finish.
C. Why would you do that?

9. How many days a week do you wear a ponytail to work?
A. Once or twice.
B. Depends on the weather and how often pinterest inspiration strikes.
C. More than two.

10. Do you spray your hair with a finishing/shine spray?
A. If I'm going out.
B. I use a pomade to keep things smooth and top with a shine spray.
C. To do so would violate the sanctity of a ponytail.

Add up your answers to determine your score!

For each A: give yourself 1 point.
For each B: give yourself 3 points.
For each C: give yourself 5 points.

1-15 Points: You are equivalent to Jess on The New Girl. Cute, dorkily undone, a free spirit who goes with the flow and doesn't stop to fuss on ponytail perfection. You always look put together, but you don't always understand how you managed to do it.

16-36 Points: You live on pinterest. You accept that Marc Jacobs is bringing back the scrunchie and you practice your ponytails when no one else is looking. You are the equivalent of the Nicole Ritchie-Reese Witherspoon-red carpet-pony lover-hair-fashionista. Ponies are serious business and you craft your ponies like a fine wine. Ponies ARE good hair days and you can't believe people take them so lightly.

37-50 Points: You are a hardcore pony addict. It's back, it's easy and you can't believe you added up your points to determine what you already know. Simple hair is the best.

How did you score? Share in the comments!

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  1. So I figured I'd fall into the "Really? Who thinks this much about ponytails" category (1-15 points) but was in the next one...Thanks for giving me something else to obsess about!! :)

  2. 38 points & wasn't the LEAST bit surprised. But if we are going with an Anne Hathaway picture, I'm closer to the pre-makeover look in The Princess Diaries....

  3. This was fun! My final score was 38, as expected. My hair is long and always seems to get in my way, so it often lives in a low side ponytail.


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