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I'm mainly new to beauty boxes. I don't write about them that often, but I'm always curious to see if they are worth the price tags.  The box I'm dishing about today is from Beautybox 5, a monthly subscription service that delivers five cosmetic samples to your door for $12 a month.

Let's review my gripes with beauty boxes in general.

1. Lack of color products. I want makeup!
2. Lack of full size products. I want something more than freebies I get at Sephora or Target. This is a deal breaker for me.
3. The value of the box must be more than the subscription price.
4. I want to love and rave about the items included. I need at least two items to be something I like.

I received my first Beauty Box 5 last week. Included in the box were the following items:

1. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion sample
2. Nubar Glitter Nail Polish in Blondie
3. La Fresh Travel Wipes Mini
4. A Nude Lip Enhancer Illusion Lip Liner from Model Co.
5. Glittery toe separators



Let me start by saying that I'm a brand ambassador for Aveeno. I really do love their Daily Moisturizing Lotion and if you don't try them, you should. That said, as a brand ambassador, I didn't need a sample. But on the other hand, it's a great travel size to throw in my Go bag for MMA (Yeah, I'm in MMA training. It was an accident. I still don't understand how a 40-year-old, plus-sized me gets my leg swept multiple times a day and nothing breaks. I love it.).


The NuBar Polish is a nice glittery polish. I don't believe I've ever tried NuBar before, so I totally love being introduced to a new brand! This particular polish isn't crazy with flakes and adds a perfect holiday touch to your nails. Glitter polishes like this are also great for adding a little extra life to a manicure a few days past it's prime.


La Fresh wipes are always handy to have around. If you haven't tried this brand before, they make a variety of different wipes. Makeup removing wipes, antiperspirant wipes, feminine hygiene wipes and even nail polish remover wipes. They are incredibly handy to keep in your makeup bags for quick touch ups during the day. I always travel with the nail polish remover wipes. These are biodegradable and really nice to use. Just please don't flush them. I don't care what anyone tells you, ANY wipe that is more than paper is not meant to be flushed. You'll thank me next time you read a story about wipes ruining the plumbing somewhere. Am I excited about them? Nah. Will I use them? Indeed!


I am really excited about this lip liner from Model Co (nude). It is the EXACT shade of my lips. More so than the Make Up For Ever one or the Too Faced one I previously thought were perfect. As I'm getting older, my lip line isn't as defined as it once was. This fills it in and makes it perfect. It matches so well, I can use it to draw a perfect line and you can't tell it's not my skin. Even close up. This pencil rocks.


Toe separators? I could care less. Two of my toes are currently fractured. Toe separators are not on my list of things I need or want.

I do think showing the retail prices of the full size products to show the value of the boxes is a total cheat. And if Beautybox5 doesn't want me to review anything in the future, I'll understand. But according to this card, the value of my $12 box is about $57. The actual retail value as I see it is closer to $27. That's still more than the $12 price you've paid. But to show the full retail is cheating.

What do you think? Worth the $12? The lip pencil is worth it enough for me. I don't need the tiny Aveeno sample or toe separators, but the lip liner makes me super happy. Have you tried this subscription service? What did you think? Tell me in the comments!

Slight Update of  No Importance: This morning, I was getting ready and Loxy said, "hey, I liked your blog post today! I KNEW you weren't outside doing your nails."
Me: "I was never pretending to do that. Why would I go outside to paint my nails? "
Loxy: "Because you're a girl and you do things fancy. Plus the light was better. I never thought for a second you were doing anything BUT doing your nails out there. I doubt anyone else would disagree."
Me: "But I had my camera...and I was taking pictures..."
Loxy: "Well, I thought it was a new finger thing. Sorry! I'm a guy!"

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