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This month, I received another makeup box from Wantable. Not familiar? The Wantable box is a little more expensive than other beauty boxes, but you get better items (in my opinion). Wantable is $36 per month, which isn't cheap by any standards. But you'll get full-sized makeup products to try. Every month. You aren't likely to actually get many full-sized COLOR products with some of the other services. Sure, you'll get a few, but with Wantable, you'll always get COLOR in your box. Not getting actual makeup is the biggest complaint I've read about other boxes -- it's never a problem with Wantable.

When I opened this month's box, I was a little disappointed. Not because it wasn't full of makeup, but because I received a duplicate item. Last month, I had received a travel smudge brush from Japonesque and I received another this month. That was the only item I was bummed to see in the box. My Wantable Makeup Box for October featured the following:

Cailyn Eye Primer, $15
Japonesque Travel Smudger Brush, $15
Manna Kadar lipstick in Savoir Faire (my favorite!), $21
Lisa Watier Shadow single in Aubergine, $18
Besame Brightening Violet Powder, $21

You can customize your box each month with your likes and dislikes. If you change your mind, you can always go back and edit your choices for the next box. Feel like glitter and nudes one month and red lips and mascara the next? Change your preferences and your next box will reflect them. That is my favorite part of the Wantable Makeup Box service.

They also have an accessory box, an intimates box and even special occasion boxes, if beauty isn't your thing. If you like the idea of surprises and want color, Wantable is the box to check out.

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  1. That's a fun concept that you can edit your preferences in in such a straight-forward way (kind of like Graze, if you're familiar with it, but for makeup). $36 is a bit too much of a splurge for me, but it looks like an awesome subscription. Thanks for the review!

  2. I've been a subscriber since the beginning of the year and never got a repeat. I'd like your box except I wouldn't use the Besame since I hate the smell of lavender. But it would be a great gift. My box this month has a little less than before but I love it all.

  3. Makeup boxes are demanded by every women.These make up box has those variety which i want. Makeup changes look of ladies.I like it very much. Keep it up. Thanks for sharing.


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