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I'm so excited to be Sarah's pick for Blogger of the Month. I've been raving about her Beach Waver since it debuted last year. If you aren't familiar, it's the original rotating curling iron (it's the reason you are starting to see other brands coming out with similar products. It's the most sincere form of flattery, I suppose!). If you are curling iron-clumsy, it takes the guess work out of curling your hair. The iron itself rotates in the direction you specify, gets hot fast, uses a mini-clip and is one of the longest irons I've ever seen. Why is length important? If you want the hair to curl evenly, it shouldn't be doubled up on itself. This iron is great, especially for really long hair.

Sarah is also known for her Wrap Up, which is a genius little hair gadget that gives you a perfect bun without the fussy donut. You simply place your hair in the center of the wrap up, pull it through to the end and wrap the ends around each other, creating a bun. It's great for quick style changes, weddings and getting a glam look without visiting a stylist. If you haven't tried one before, it is stronger and more durable than the cheaper alternatives. I've been using mine for over a year weekly and mine hasn't lost its grip or padding at all. For a limited time, score 2 Wrap Ups for $20, plus free shipping!

While we're talking Sarah Potempa, Instagram your best Halloween hair using her Wrap Ups for a chance to win a Stylist Brush kit. Be sure to tag @sarahpotempa and use the hashtag #halloweenwrapup. Sarah will choose a winner on November 1.

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  1. Looks like a great product to try out. This is ideal for people with long hair. I'll check on this.


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