Makeup Wars: Favorite Fall Manicures

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 This week, Makeup Wars is all about fall manicures. We all know I'm not the best person to ask about nails, so I'll keep this short.

I'm really tough on my nails. Between typing all day, boxing and daily wear and tear, my manicures don't last long. Thanks to my really dry cuticles, my nails aren't something I'm usually happy to show off. But right now, I am liking one particular mani.

Since polish wears off so quickly on my tips, I've been doing chunky top coats that not only keep the polish on longer, but detract from any wear. Sephora just launched their line of X polishes. Included in that line are some gorgeous top coats. My favorite right now is Turbulent. I love how it looks over the dark gray that is Essie Cashmere Bathrobe.

What is your favorite fall mani? Need inspiration? Check out the links below for more ideas!

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  1. That's a gorgeous glitter and looks fantastic over Cashmere Bathrobe. I love how many different effects the Formula X line is launching.

  2. *drools* Are you kidding me? How beauuuutiful is that glitter?

  3. That is glitter-tastic! I haven't really heard much about the X line, I need to learn more!

  4. That is a totally cool mani--I love the mix of colors!

  5. Boxing??? You go girl! :) I totally want some Formula X polishes! I was just lusting after all of their unique glitters in Sephora this week!

    1. Ha! It's actually MMA training, but getting your leg swept isn't what messes up your nails!

  6. I can't wait to go to Sephora and find a beautiful polish like this. It makes your nails look great.

  7. That is a HOT duo, right there. LOVE that you put them together.


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