Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Foundation Powder

I'm not a huge fan of powder foundations. I think they can sit in creases, accentuate pores and generally make you look older. However, I know it's hard for the pale and the darker skin tones to find products that work. So when Laura Mercier asked me to review her new Smooth Finish Powder Foundation, I almost said no. When I realized they had TWENTY shades in this one formulation, I decided to check them out.

(This is the blog photo I took that night. The photo isn't retouched at all. I love how flawless this is! I spent less than a minute applying the foundation.)

I tried shade #01 when I needed to look a little polished for a blog photo shoot. I was shocked at how beautiful the foundation made my skin look. I tried wearing it to work, hoping to see the same results. To my surprise, the foundation looked slightly less than flawless, but still polished, about 9 hours later. While it doesn't seem to settle into fine lines, by the end of the day my eyes were starting to look a little tired (I was tired!).

According to Laura Mercier, here are the benefits of the foundation:

·         Blurs fine lines--never settles into them
·         Oil free, natural matte finish
·         Long-wearing, all day wear (8 hours), waterproof
·         Instantly reduces the look of shine at application and smooths away the look of lines and pores
·         Feels creamy, light and fresh on skin throughout the day
·         Available in 20 shades

This powder lives up to its claims. I was kind of blown away by how beautiful it made my skin look; my pores were reduced and my skin looked younger and fresh. It's really easy and fast to apply. I use a flat top kabuki brush to apply and my face is next to flawless in about 45 seconds.

Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Foundation Powder is available wherever Laura Mercier is sold. This retails for $45. 

P.S.: If you have an extra $250 burning a hole in your wallet, pick up this shadow palette. As Loxy would say, "Ooh-la-la!" (which for some reason, cracks me up every time he says it. Him saying "oh-la-la and "nature power" make me dissolve into the giggles).

He'll probably kill me, but I had to share this. It makes me laugh hysterically. He found this at my Mom's and likes to call it his "nature onesie". He thinks it gives him "nature power", which is often followed by him saying "oh-la-la" in a heavy Baltimore accent. If you were curious, with a B-more accent, it becomes "Ewww-laaa-laaa". Now you know.

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  1. Oh Kelly, you're killing me! I just purchased IT Cosmetics powder foundation and I like it but this looks more better :) It doesn't look flat or powdery on you at all. Based on some of your before and afters, I would say this looks like a medium to full coverage. Yes? No? This also doesn't look flat matte, just very slightly luminous. Like real skin. Is it like that in real life? I'm asking because I can't tell from the pic if the result might just be a reflection from the camera and lighting or if it's the actual product. Also, did you have to use any finishing spray to take down the "powdery effect"? I know, I'm like a 2 year old with all of the questions, but dang this looks good and I need to know! I'm 98% a powder foundation girl because I have large pores that really show with creams and liquids and I'm too lazy to spend the time fighting with those products to get a perfect finish. I will do it for special occasions but mostly I want 45 seconds with a brush and a foundation finish that looks like this. Thank you in advance should you choose to take the time to answer the million question post :)

    1. Hiya!! That is just me! No spray , no nothing. (although Skindinavia is amazing) It looks like that in real life. Check it out in a store and see how it works for you. I was really surprised how much I liked it!

  2. Great post and review - this product looks amazing - I have to make some hints to my family and friends for Christmas...


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