I'm Over Argan Oil. What's Next for Amazing Hair?

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Argan oil, argan oil, argan oil. I'm tired of hearing about it. Sure, it's great, but the never-satisfied-Goldilocks in me wants to know what is NEXT. I still adore my Davines OI, which contains Roucou Oil. Rich in antioxidants and beta carotene, this oil softens hair, protects it from free radical and UV damage, while helping to encourage growth. And it helps fight frizz. I know I love that, but what's NEXT?

My pick for next great oil is Tamanu Oil. Derived from dried nuts in Polynesia. This oil has been used for centuries to do everything, from helping sciatica to healing herpes sores (I'm not making this up). It's been known to help heal scars, promote new tissue growth and heal gangrenous tissue. It's been touted as a treatment for any kind of scrape, blemish, rash or topical injury--it's cicatrization properties sound amazing. It seems like something that would be great on your face (yes, please!), but on your hair?

Biolage thinks so. Exquisite Oil in the Strengthening formula contains a blend of the usual silicones and Tamanu Oil to create a serum that gives hair shine, strength and the ability to avoid frizz. I've been using it for a week or so and find that it adds lots of shine without weighing my hair down. I can't comment on its strengthening abilities, but if the oil does for hair what they say it does for skin, I'm in!

One quick note: The website for this product claims it repairs split ends. Split ends can only be repaired by cutting the ends off. Oils and other products can temporarily stick the broken ends together, giving a seamless appearance, but I promise--those ends still need to go. You can't un-ring a bell and you can't un-split hair that's split.

Biolage Exquisite Oil: Strengthening retails for $22 at licensed salons and retailers.

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