Favorite Red Lips for Fall

Best reds for fall, beauty, Gouldylox

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Nudes and reds are having a moment this fall. Although honestly, I'm not sure it's ever not been on trend to rock a red. Either way, the tones are deep, rich and  perfect your pout. Here are my favorites for the fall!

Best reds for fall, beauty, Gouldylox

Rioja by Bite Beauty - This cashmere texture is unlike other lipsticks. It applies like a gloss, wears like a stain and looks semi-matte.

Icon by Hourglass: Icon was my favorite last year and I still can't stop wearing it.

69 by Urban Decay: This sexy shade will outwear almost anything else on the list and your lips will never feel dry.

Rosebud by Flower: The perfect Barrymore red.

Rich Girl Red by Revlon: This color is for days when you can't maintain a precise red but still want the power a red lip gives you.

Saraghina from the Wet n Wild Fergie Collection: A red this hydrating? No wonder it's fit for the stage.

Paris by Cargo: This red is deep, sultry and perfect for those dates where you aren't sure if kissing is on the menu. Tease him or give in, either way, this red wins.

Line your lips first, with a similar color. Then fill in your lips with the pencil. Pay close attention to your cupid's bow to make it really stand out! Apply your favorite lipstick and blot. While the tissue is still in place from blotting, gently dust a small amount of translucent powder over your lips, through the tissue. Add a second coat of color and your lips won't move for hours!

Don't be scared of Oxblood. While this deep, rich tone won't work for, well, work, it is one of the easiest lip colors to wear. And also one of the quickest makeup looks to pull off in a pinch. You'll need to apply foundation or BB Cream, mascara and maybe a touch of contour to the cheeks, and that's it. Drench your lips in a deep oxblood shade and smile! Your lips will carry the look, just be sure to touch up after eating.

Pick a blue red shade to make your teeth look instantly whiter and brighten up your smile. You'll be amazed at how a little blue whitens your teeth!

Another blogger called red the new neutral. Is it a neutral for you or just for certain occasions? Share how you wear it in the comments!

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  1. I tend to shy away from reds as I feel they overpower my fair complexion and skin. I am just now getting into trying to wear bold colors and reds and so you can imagine my shock when you suggest a SECOND coat of lipstick. I'm taking baby steps here and trying it out as a stain and just sticking my toe in to test the water and it's like you just came behind me and shoved me in. Whew, SO now that I am getting over the shock, I have a lot to learn about wearing red lips and I am certainly appreciative of the tips. Really? 2 coats? Is this for any lipstick or just reds and bold colors? I have some gorgeous purples from Maybelline that I bought to try too. I really want to learn how to use all these gorgeous colors.

    1. definitely try two coats!! It makes the color more pure and it will last longer!

  2. I've never been a really big fan of bright reds. I never thought it looked that good with my skin tone. I have been using some skin care products by Forever Flawless.


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