Beauty Sins: Are You Guilty? Take the Quiz and Find Out!

Are you a beauty sinner? Take the quiz and find out!

I have a full time job, I run a non-profit and write this blog. Lazy is not often something I'm called. But when it comes to certain beauty sins (and housework), I'm definitely lazy. We all know we should wash our face before going to bed, clean our brushes every few weeks and never bite our nails. I know we aren't perfect, but how guilty are we?

Are you a beauty sinner? Take the quiz and find out!
(Yes. I tossed all of these mascaras! Many of them were only used a few times, but still. That is a lot of mascara!)

It's not something  I think about often (which probably means I'm really guilty of a few of them), but after finally deciding to purge my mascara, I realized I may be the guiltiest of them all.

So I'm wondering. Are you guilty of the same sins? Should some of these sins be downgraded to no-nos?

Take the quiz below and find out if we are all guilty little sinners or if we should cut ourselves some slack?

1. Mascara should be thrown out after three months to avoid eye goobers.
a. I never throw away my mascara until it's gone
b. I toss it every three months
c. I toss it when it starts to smell

2. Remove your makeup before going to bed for healthier skin.
a. I'm just going to put it on again, I can sleep longer if I just leave it on.
b. I try to wash each night, but sometimes Conan puts me to sleep before I can wash.
c. Always! Even if I only use a baby wipe, it's coming off before I get some zzzs.

3. You must use a new washcloth every day.
a. Do I look like I'm made of washcloths? Aren't they self-cleaning anyway?
b. Every few days is just fine with me. I don't wear much makeup.
c. Of course I do! Who wants to wash with a wet, dirty mini-towel?

4. Biting your nails and cuticles is gross. It makes makes you look homeless and no one wants to shake your hand. 
a. I don't like touching other people anyway.
b. It's a nervous habit. You drop the sarcasm and I'll stop eating my hands.
c. I would never!

5. You must clean makeup brushes every few weeks. Otherwise, they harbor bacteria and you apply it directly to your face. You might as well apply your makeup with old cheese.
a. Not cleaning brushes helps boost my immune system. Plus it's easier to buy new ones.
b. I wash them once a month and even joined a Facebook group that reminds me!
c. I am the only one using them, so it's all my germs anyway. I'll clean them when I remember!

Now add up your answers.
A= 1 point
B= 3 points
C= 5 points

How did you score?

2-7 points = You're a daring girl who lives on the edge. You probably take less sick days than your perfect friends, but you should hope Dateline never comes to your house with one of those black lights or takes samples of your makeup brushes back to some lab. You also may have skipped a few questions.

8-15 points = You make every effort to keep up with the rules but aren't afraid to take a nap instead of sanitizing something. Way to be balanced!

16-25 = You play by the rules and win points for being sin-free. Which only means you're up to no good in some other area. Fess up, what are you hiding? No one is that perfect.

Share you score by voting below!
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I scored a 9. It's my lucky number, so there's that. And buying new makeup brushes every once in a while is a lovely idea. Have you seen the new Make Up For Ever brushes? They are gorgeous. Anywho, I certainly have room to improve. What about you?

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  1. I scored 21. *halo* I am fanatical about cleaning my makeup brushes every time I use them, occasionally I'll let them slide to a second use... I never go to bed with my makeup on, I wouldn't dream of using the same washcloth from one use to the next. My big rebellion is mascara. I don't follow the stupid three month rule. I use my mascara until it is goone, dries out or starts to smell fonky. I have always done this and I have never once had an eye infection or any other problem caused by my mascara. :D


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