The Covet List: September

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This September, I'm interested in trying out new-to-me products, especially those where science is involved. I'm always looking for the newest ingredient that makes you shine-free/have bigger hair/look younger/wear without creasing/gives even toned skin...I could go on forever. Plus color. Who doesn't love lots of color?

Here's what's on my shortlist for the month:

L'Oreal's Professional Volumetry Line somehow makes hair expand by filling the hair shaft with Intra-Cylane. It doesn't shampoo away, since it's working inside the hair. You get more volume the more you use it. And no, it can't rupture the hair from the inside out. Once your hair has absorbed all of the Intra-Cylane it can, it won't absorb any more.

Jason Wu recently launched several shadows, lippies and palettes for Lancome. They are exclusive to Nordstrom and I want them all! Violet Streak (shown above) may be my favorite. The powders are finely milled and the color blends beautifully. Night Vision has a mink color that is worth it alone. I really can't decide which I want more!

Michelle Phan's Em Life Palette. You get four cheek colors, twenty-four shadows (!) and eight lip colors for $75. That's a higher price by about 30% over the PANTONE palettes I love. However, these palettes (there are several to choose from) contain four curated looks for occasions: Day, Beach Night and Career.

Rimmel's ScandalEYES Shadow Sticks are similar to Tarte's SmolderEYES Amazonian Clay Waterproof Liners. Except the price is about 60% less. I've picked up Bad Girl Bronze and need the rest of the colors. It wears perfectly, the color is beautiful and there is no creasing. What's not to love?

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