Makeup Wars: Favorite Oils

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This week's Wars is all about our favorite oils. To answer that, I have two letters for you.

I don't mean like "Oy vey, the traffic is awful" Or "Oi mate! What do you mean you are knackered already?"


I mean Davines Oi. It's an oil that makes hair perfect. Like Pantene hair looks in ads (you know your hair doesn't look like that when you use Pantene -- no matter what those Allure polls suggest). It also makes your hair incredibly soft, which is one of my goals in life. It helps control frizz and even claims to help with free radicals.

I have really thick, coarse hair and I tend to use Oi A LOT. Like 10 pumps after each shampoo. I've tried a ton of them and it's the best. I could end the post there, but then I'd be cheating. How? Because Davines recently launched shampoo and conditioner that contains Oi. Davines Oi Shampoo and Conditioner are the best things on earth. Especially if you have dry, coarse or processed hair.


If I had to choose now and pick one shampoo and conditioner to marry forever, it would be this. It's basically sulfate-free, but foams lightly. It leaves hair so soft you'll wonder where it came from, and so shiny you'll think you won the hair lottery in your sleep. The only downside is that the bottles are too small. This is one of those products that I would buy you if I could. If you have dry, damaged or chemically treated non-fine hair, this will change your world. This new line also offers an All-In-One Hair Milk, which you can use as a leave-in conditioner or just as your basic conditioner (that you don't wash out). My stylist suggested I try it and like the rest of the Oi line, it's amazing. Pick them up for $26-32.


For the face, I look for oils that leave the face feeling hydrated and give the skin a glow. Right now, I'm loving the results I'm seeing with Rose/Geranium Balance and Repair Serum by Patrick Smith Botanicals. The blend of rose, geranium, argan, wheat germ, apricot and neroli is organic and cultivated without pesticides. It's like getting a really pure, un-watered-down version of organic goodness for your skin. Rose is soothing to the skin, geranium is known to balance the skin's oil production while also acting as an antiseptic and argan is liquid gold. Just a few drops daily will leave your skin glowing. Show your skin some love without breaking the bank. Pick it up for $28 from Patrick Smith Botanicals.

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  1. Your hair always looks so fabulous! I'm glad I know your secret now ;)

  2. I have to be so careful with hair oils--I like the sound of the rose oil and the price is great!

  3. I love the name Oi. I think that's terrific. One of my old friends always struggled with her hair until she discovered Davines products. She loves them too.

  4. This Oi oil sounds amazing!!! I must try it!

  5. Lots of stuff I haven't tried! Oi sounds great!

  6. I'm not much of a floral fan but I think I can get down with the Rose and Geranium. It sounds heavenly!


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