Makeup Minute: Lisa G from the Howard Stern Show

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In the lobby of Sirius/XM. The large, glass room is the Fishbowl, where the show took place.
Recently, I was lucky enough to get a chance to sit in for the taping of a new Howard Stern show, Fan Forum (it airs today at 5pm on Howard 101 on Sirius/XM). While waiting in line to have my photo officially taken with the world's nicest guy, George Takei, I got a chance to talk makeup with Howard 100 News reporter, Lisa G.

Security guards placed a large sign to stop other Superfans from trying to take photos in the booth. What Superfan doesn't know that's no way to get invited back?

I'm a big Lisa G fan. Not only do we share a similar bra size*, adore cookies and have a love of old school hip hop**, we also contend with more men than women at our jobs. I work at an ad agency as the tv/radio/interwebs producer and Lisa is the only continuous female on-air personality at the show, besides the fabulous Ms. Quivers. It's not uncommon for me to be the only woman on pretty much every job and I suspect it's often the same for Lisa in some aspects of her work. At the very least, there is a lot of testosterone to contend with.

Lisa and I. Her skin is flawless!

Like everyone else on the staff I got the chance to chat with, Lisa couldn't be nicer. I only had a few moments to chat makeup.

GR: Lisa, you're gorgeous. What do you use on your skin?

LG: Thank you! I have really sensitive skin, so I have to be very careful. Most makeup can irritate my skin. I'm pretty much a MAC girl.

GR: I've recently fallen for MAC's PRO Longwear Foundation. Which formula do you prefer?

LG: Today I'm wearing MAC Mineralize, but I'm not sure I'm in love with it. I also really like Make Up For Ever's HD Foundation. You have to be so careful with the cameras these days. They show everything!

GR: I've recently discovered Skindinavia's Makeup Setting Sprays and they are life changing. If you are looking to extend the wear of your foundation, and give you a softer, airbrushed finish -  no matter what kind of foundation you are wearing, give it a try!

LG: I have such sensitive skin, I can't use anything with an aerosol. I have to be so careful. Even the airbrush makeup will make my skin react. I use Cetaphil to wash my face each day. My skin is so sensitive! I'm sure there are tons of great products, but I'd be afraid to try them.

Another superfan broke in, looking for gossip on one of the many recent, although un-discussed, changes on the Stern show; the disappearance of Tim Sabean. Lisa commented that is he still employed at Sirius/XM, although she ran quickly to catch up with someone else when asked if he still worked on Howard's channels. According to Opie & Anthony fans, he joined their channels earlier this month.

Richard Christie and Brian Phelan couldn't have been nicer when I grabbed them in the hall for a quick photo.

I know my Stern fan readers want to know more, so here goes.

Jon Hein was very welcoming. He's a superfan like the rest of us.
Richard Christie was very friendly when I stopped him in the hall (and no, for the 1000th time, he didn't smell).
Brian Phelan was also very kind.
Jason Kaplan must be losing weight as his "sports jacket" was the most oddly fitting garment I've seen on a man in a long, long time.
Jim McClure is just as nice as Medicated Pete likes to tell porn stars.
George Takei is tiny and adorable. His husband Brad is very handsome, polished and refined. He was very sweet and obviously very proud of George.  He even rushed in during a break to make sure George was drinking enough. Is he too big for wrestling? I don't think so. George is just very, very small.

George and Jon during a break.

Are you a Stern fan? Have recommendations for Lisa G. and her sensitive skin? Tell me all about it in the comments! Don't forget to tune in today, September 19th at 5pm on Howard 101 to hear the first Fan Forum with George Takei.

*allegedly. Lisa claims to be a 30 D. I claim to be bigger than a D. Having seen Lisa in person, I'm not sure how that measurement was calculated. Since I didn't personally check her size, I'll have to take her word for it.

**The roll call is a thing and anyone that doesn't know that never listened to urban radio stations. It's even in the Biggie song, Who's the Man. If you've never practiced to get on a Roll Call or Cypher or whatever they call it in your town, then you don't know hip hop.

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  1. did you get a picture with George?
    I love to listen when he is on the show

    1. I did!! It was taken by a photographer who will email them to us. Once I get it back, I'll post it!

  2. HEY NOW!!!!!!!! So lucky to visit those guys and talk to Lisa G about makeup! I'm so jealous!!!!

    1. HEY NOW! It was so much fun. For a superfan like me, it was like going to the superbowl!

  3. I'm rarely jealous. First your lovely hair and now your visit to the Stern Show. I howled at the wrestling comment. Richard had his arm around; let's hope Sal wasn't jealous.

    1. HA! You are too nice. I did see Sal, but only for a second in the hallway. I'm just going to assume you could smell his "mustache cream" if you got close enough. Everyone was so welcoming and was a such a fun experience!

  4. So incredibly jealous!!! Lisa G seems like truly a sweet and kind lady and I'm so happy for you that you got to meet and chat with her (and the rest of the gang).:)

    But i must confess, now I can't get "Lisa G takes xxxxx xx xxxx" out of my head. Lol! (I wonder if she hates that or just doesn't even think about it at this point?). :)

    1. I would imagine she doesn't even think about it at this point. But you never know. I still think Sourshoes broke Langford, so you never can tell...

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