Infinity PRO by Conair Curl Secret Tutorial

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A few weeks ago, I named the Curl Secret my favorite hair gadget in Makeup Wars. Once you know how to safely use this iron, it's easy to get perfect curls every time. Well, almost every time.  The Curl Secret retails for about $100 anywhere Conair products are sold.  Check out the video for tips, tricks and the occasional accident.

UPDATE: (I know, I just posted and an update already?) 
Some of my beauty blogger pals are having really mixed results with this iron. If you've tried it, please share your experience in the comments!


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  1. Great Video--even punching yourself in the face and cursing. LOL. I can totally see myself trying to rush through with this thing with larger sections. Is it bad that I have no patience to wait 8 seconds a small section?! Your hair came out lovely though!

  2. Kelly, does your hair normally curl really well with curling irons? I loved the way your curls came out. Does it hold well throughout the day? My hair is so hard to curl...well actually not hard to curl but by the time I'm done with my whole head, the first part that I did is already straight. =(
    This seems pretty easy...I'm liking it so far.

    1. My hair is hard to curl. Tourmaline really helps me!

  3. Looks great. I love how your hair turned out but the machine is a bit scary.

  4. Ooh I like! Definitely no tangles at all for it to work.

    How long did the curls last?:)

  5. I bought this on the weekend ($99.99 on sale) after much research and watching and re-watching of your video. I have very straight hair that doesn't hold a curl for very long so was intrigued by this curling tool. I tried it when I got home tonight and I have to say after my first attempt I'm very impressed! It did take me almost 25 minutes but that's not bad for the first try and I did get it stuck/tangled like you but didn't panic (much) and gently pulled the hair out. One of your BEST tips is: small amounts of hair!! And I agree that doing the back of my head was challenging but it's been 3 hours since i curled it and it's still perfect! So far, I'm very pleased - its a keeper! I'm sure with practice I'll shave some time off that 25 minutes :). Thanks for your great video!


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