How to Pick the Perfect Nude Lipstick

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One of the trends this fall is a great nude lip. You just can't go wrong with nude. (Or, let's be honest, a bright red. But that is for a different day.) Picking the perfect nude can be really tricky. I've never been a fan of mannequin make up. You know, where your lips match your skintone exactly? Where you look a little dead?  I just don't think that works in anything other than an editorial picture in a magazine. That said, it doesn't mean that nudes can't be beautiful. 

I think the trick is finding the perfect color that enhances your natural lip color without going to dark or to bright. You just have to find the right one.

1. Make sure your lips aren't flaky or dry. Use a lip scrub to get them into shape. 

2. Match your nude lip to the undertones in your skin. If you have pink undertones, look for a nude lip with a touch of pink. If you have blue undertones, look for a cooler beige color. 

3. When in doubt, aim for a color with a universal touch of brown. It works on almost everyone!

4. If you want a defined look, try cleaning up your edges with a little foundation on a clean lip brush. 

5. If you are very fair, beware of nudes that are too yellow. You'll look washed out and unhealthy. 

6. If you are medium complected, go for a shade on the darker side. Avoid the very light, peachy tones as they won't look natural. 

 To make things a little easier Hourglass Cosmetics has recently launched 6 new Femme Nude Lip Stylos that are paraben-free, semi-long wearing, full coverage and look beautiful. One is perfect for you!

Originally, I thought no. 3 would be very complimentary for my very fair complexion. However, after doing a little research and learning how to properly pick the perfect nude, it turns out that no. 4 is my perfect shade. It's just the right touch of brown and rose, without being too dark or too light. What is your favorite nude? Share in the comments!

Hourglass Femme Nude Lip Stylos are available wherever Hourglass is sold for $30.

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    1. You are so demanding, Foster4!! I just did my hair for you today! :-) Once my lips are back in kissing shape, I'll take some photos. Right now, stress has made them unworthy.

  2. I bought it online in number 3 and it's a tad too light. But I won't give it up, i'll just buy another shade too!!


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