How To Get Volume When You Have Heavy Hair

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There are days when I just can't with my hair. It's heavy. It's straggly. It's dry. It's homeless-looking, but not the chic-kind that those Bumble & Bumble Matte Texture ads promise. Heavy hair is second day hair that just doesn't want to move on its own. We've all suffered from heavy hair from time to time.

Here is my secret to getting serious volume when my hair doesn't want to cooperate.

1. Mist the roots of your hair with water. Add a touch of mousse and place HICLIPS in the front of your hair. These super clips are really handy to build real volume. Blow dry the roots with the clips in place. Leave the clips in until the hair cools.

2. Dry shampoo the roots. Not for oil, mind you, but for volume. 

3. Curl your hair from the bottom up, adding movement to your ends.

4. Take a one-inch barrel curling iron and clamp the hair slightly below the root, so you can rotate the iron one full turn.

5. Using a teasing comb (or this genius comb from Teeze w/Eez which teases more with each stroke, so there is no need to really rat your hair), lift the roots and tease.

6. Tousle the bottoms of the hair so it has movement and looks slightly undone.

7. Finally, mist hair with Oribe's Shine Spray. It's oil free, but adds lots of shine.

Smile big, hold your head high and get out there!

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  1. I would have never thought to dry shampoo your roots for volume. Thanks for the tip!!


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