How to get Stronger Hair and Nails

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I don't recommend supplements often. So few actually do anything; and I'm not interested in wasting your time. Sure, Viviscal works to grow longer hair, but I can't think of many others I would want to endorse.

Viviscal isn't the cheapest. However, after reading that one of my favorite bloggers, Maskcara, had great results with Biotin,  I decided to try it. Something had to REALLY help my nails in a permanent way (or so I had hoped!).

It took about a month to see a difference in my nails.

 But wow.

I went from being ashamed of my cuticles and nails to having a director on a commercial I was shooting last month comment how amazing my nails looked on camera (I was only repositioning the jewelry for the real actor; I was not actually IN the spot). It's made an insane difference in my nails. I'm not sure yet if its helping my hair, but it does seem to be growing a little more quickly. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking. Either way, I've only had one nail peel in the last two months. Previously, my nails would peel as soon as they reached a little past the tip of my finger. It's Ah-mazing.

I got mine on a BOGO from CVS/Pharmacy. if you are trying to re-cover your nails after Shellac-ing for a long time or just from being born with weak nails, give Biotin a shot. If you've tried it, please tell me if it worked for you!



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