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Provided by Stur

If you love Vitamin water, but hate the price, consider making your own with SturStur is a natural stevia liquid water enhancer with 0 sugar, 0 calories, and 7 essential vitamins. Available in several flavors, Stur helps people naturally drink more water, by adding as little or as much flavor as they want. It's hard for me to drink as much water as I should and water enhancers really help!

There are 6 flavors - and you can mix them with water, tea, unflavored soda, or even cocktails!

Stur Features:
▪ Lightly sweetened with stevia leaf extract
▪ Natural fruit flavors
▪ Zero calories
▪ Sugar free
▪ Gluten free
▪ Caffeine free
▪ Vegan
▪ 7 essential vitamins - A, D, E, B3, B5, B6, B12
▪ Add to water, soda water and even cocktails!
▪ Portable – great for travel

▪ Cucumber Mint
▪ Lemonade
▪ Orange Mango
▪ PomeCranberry
▪ Strawberry
▪ Lemon Tea

For about the same price as two bottle of Vitamin water, you can pick up Stur and take control of your flavored water, without all of the chemicals in other water enhancers. 

In the meantime, enter to win a $250 VISA gift card and all six flavors of Stur. Follow the rafflecopter directions and win! 

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