Connie Britton's Emmy Hair

Long time readers know that Connie Britton of Friday Night Lights and Nashville fame, has been one of my hair inspirations for the last four years. Back when I had a pixie, I would dream of having Connie's hair. Who wouldn't? I wonder if she's insured it? She should! Her hair so much hotter than Madonna's breasts, which, if you were wondering, are insured for $2 million. (Also, Kylie Minogue's tush is allegedly insured for a cool $5 million and JLo reportedly insures hers for $300 million.)

Want Connie's drool worthy hair? 

Celebrity hairstylist Creighton Bowman created Connie Britton's Emmy look using Leonor Greyl products. Get the details below!

“Connie is wearing this gorgeous blue/green velvet gown by Naeem Khan that has gold and bronze embellishments on it. So we went with a very editorial Veronica Lake look, we wanted the Hollywood waves but with a little “disheveled elegance”.

I started by shampooing her hair with Leonor Greyl Shampooing Reviviscence but decided to leave out conditioner because of the longevity of the hairstyle for the night.

Then, I prepped her wet hair with Leonor Greyl Lait Luminescence and towel-dried her hair after. To start to create the volume we wanted for her waves, I lightly applied Mousse au Lotus Volumatrice all over her hair from root to tip. Then I blew it out with a paddle brush for a lot of volume and used Serum de Soie to give her hair a bit of shine. Wanting more control in the front of the hair, I applied the Gel a l’Hibiscus along her hairline.


Then we got started on the waves. I began by spraying Leonor Greyl Condition Naturelle on each section of her hair, then curling each section with a half-inch curling iron and set everything with pin curls. Afterwards, I went through and took out the pin curls and created a deep side part. To give her hair more texture before moving on, I misted Voluforme all over.


Next, I brushed out her curls with a large paddle brush and then backcombed parts of her hair with a really wide toothed comb. This gave it the “disheveled elegance” aspect that we were going for.

Lastly, I used Spray Structure Naturelle which is an amazing styling spray that gives strong hold to have her hairstyle last all night!”

Pick up Leonor Greyl, it's a treat! And if you haven't tried their Huile for hair, do it now! I let my hair marinate in some Magnolia Huile while watching the Red Carpet arrivals last night and it looks like shiny, healthy and like I haven't been using a curling iron every other day!

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