Why Isn't Anyone Talking About This? Skindinavia Makeup Setting Spray

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When I was in LA I went to Frends, a beauty supply store that carries a little bit of everything. This time around, I think I discovered something fairly amazing. Granted, I didn't really discover it. Clearly, someone created it, others love it and I'm a little late to the game. But now that I have discovered it, be prepared to listen to me sing its praises.

Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray is pretty amazing. According to the company, here is what it does:

Visibly reduces the appearance of lines by keeping makeup from settling in them. Innovative mist holds makeup by keeping the surface chilled and well hydrated for hours avoiding drying and slippage. Six hygroscopic (water-attracting) moisturizers stop foundation, eye shadow, blush and concealer from flaking or becoming powdery. Unique pigment dispersion system helps avoid clumping and conceals uneven texture or discoloration, such as sun damage and age spots. Works well with all types of makeup.

  • Helps diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
  • Six moisturizers alleviate dry or powdery appearance on makeup surface.
  • Helps reduce makeup slippage into pores, lines, wrinkles or scars.
  • Surface cooling technology holds temperature to avoid melting or sliding.
  • Fewer required "touchups" throughout the day.
  • Use up to 50% less makeup.
  • Dermatologist and allergy tested.
  • Formulated for sensitive skin.
  • Oil- and paraben-free.
  • Cruelty-free. Not tested on animals.
I'm amazed. My skin looks almost as perfect at the end of the day as it did at the beginning. My only complaint is that a little mascara smudged on the sides. Otherwise, my makeup looks better than usual. My skin looks fresh, the skin under my eyes isn't anywhere NEARLY as wrinkled as it is at the end of the day. Even my eye shadow looks pretty great. My pores are less visible and my skin texture renewed.

(The mascara isn't great, but my foundation and blush are still intact about 12 hours later. The texture of my skin is pretty amazing and the lines under my eyes are not as crepe-y as they usually are. While the concealer isn't perfect, the rest of my skin is pretty close to it. The lipstick was applied a few hours before the photo. It's Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge in Fuschia)

It's amazing. I've only been using it for a week or so, but I'm almost ready to call it life changingCheck out the above photo of me after a VERY BAD day at work. Stress always makes my face look worse (much worse) and my cheeks eat blush like it's their job. Blush and brows are intact and I didn't wear a primer. I'm pretty amazed at the results.

Of course, there is a slight downside. Skindinavia makes a few different versions of their setting spray. According to their website, they currently sell three versions: The Original, No More Shine and Bridal. I purchased one called 10 Years Younger. I have to assume that they have removed 10 Years Younger from their current product line, although you can still get it from here. I would be willing to bet that The Original or even The Bridal (which boasts luminous skin) would be equally fantastic.

You need to pick this up. Right now. For luminous skin, try the Bridal Setting Spray. For oily skin, try No More Shine. And of course, there is always the original. I hope your results are as good as mine! I bought mine at Frends, and if you are in the area they are having a massive sale this coming weekend. You can still save online as well. I don't believe this product is on their site, but if you email and ask, I bet they will ship it to you. They are really friendly like that!

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  1. I'm in love with Urban Decay's All Nighter setting spray, which is done by Skindinavia, so I can only imagine their other sprays are just as good! I would love to try their No More Shine because I am quite oily. I'm glad someone's talking about it because Skindinavia definitely deserves some hype!


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