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Wendy Williams has teamed up with Suave to help spread the word about their latest formula. Have you tried it? What are you waiting for? This new and improved formula includes ingredients that are richer and more hydrating than ever. Who says it takes loads of your hard-earned money to discover how soft your skin can be? With a little help from Suave, you can get incredibly soft skin in no time! To gauge your progress, visit Suave's Unlock Your Softer Side on Facebook. There is still time to enter to win free products or money-saving coupons. With Suave's already low prices, there is no reason not to show your softer side. And with Suave's new formulation, your skin can be softer than ever!

You probably knew this (I didn't!), but did you realize that Suave offers different scents that are "comparable" to your favorite Bath and Body shop at the mall? Think of what you can do with all of that extra money. While the lotions aren't in quite as many scents, you'll love how soft your skin will feel. And the hydration lasts up to twenty-four hours! I find applying the lotion on wet skin works best. It glides on, sinks in and leaves legs feeling luscious!

Have you tried Suave? It's been my go-to drugstore brand ever since I can remember (and it's hard to get Loxy to try anything else for his hair).  What is your favorite Suave product? Don't forget to visit Suave Beauty on Facebook for coupons and freebies!

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  1. Suave are really stepping up their game. I've been into a lot of their products as opposed to B&BW lately.

  2. I really love Suave but can't deal with the parabens in their body lotion. Otherwise, very loyal to them!

  3. Love the Suave shampoos, the Moroccan and Keratins
    will check out the shower gels

  4. there shampoo makes my hair a tangled mess and the conditioner not bad


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