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I was able to hit my Sephora early on Friday to catch the launch of the new Marc Jacobs Beauty line. The collection includes everything from concealer to mascara and everything in between. Of course, all of it comes in packaging that is just as luxe as you might expect. I selected three items to purchase: the Remedy Concealer Pen, a Lust for Lacquer Lip Vinyl Full (Paint It) and Shameless Bold Blush in Obsessed.

I've only been playing with the products for a day or so. I don't honestly feel like I've had time to form full opinions. However, if you want to talk first impressions, here goes.

The Lip Lacquers (Vinyl Full) are heavily pigmented and just as glossy as the name implies. They seem to wear for an extended amount of time and leave behind a stain on the lips. I'm told it's Champagne-grape infused, to make it feel bubbly on the lips.


I'm not picking up any champagne, but instead, quite a bit of menthol. If you are expecting it, you won't mind it. It's not plumping, so it won't irritate your lips. But I would not describe it as "mild". These also include essential oils to hydrate lips and the lacquer finish is pretty spectacular. The sheers are similar, but less pigmented. These retail for $28 each.


The Remedy Concealer is available in nine shades that range from fair to a medium dark shade. They feel like second skin. This is the only concealer I've recently tried that blended into my clean skin so well that you couldn't tell if I was wearing any makeup or not. The pen applicator feels uber luxe and the coverage easily wore throughout the day without any fading or creasing. I didn't add other makeup, including powder, for the rest of the day. This concealer truly erases, conceals and brightens. These retail for $39.

All of the pigments in the collection were finely milled, pigmented and each one was prettier than the next.

I picked up the Shameless Bold Blush in Obsession because I couldn't resist its peachy-pink charm.


The light plays off of the pigments and blends beautifully into the skin.

You can't look at the blushes without oohing and aahing. From a light pink to a deep sangria color, you'll have a hard time selecting just one.


Each blush comes in a lovely pouch and contains a mini-brush.

But what about the rest of the collection you ask? Take a look at my secret photos from Sephora (you aren't supposed to take photos in the store, so don't tell anyone, ok?).

I love the polish packaging!

The eyeshadow palettes were so, so pretty. I really feel the need to pick up The Punk, a deep purple trio.


The blushes!

The Lust for Lacquer Shimmers on the left and the Vinyl Full on the right.

If you want to pick up any of the items, I would do it sooner than later. My Sephora only had a few on the shelves for each product. I'm told they had more in understock and backstage, but that will go quickly. (And yes, Sephora calls the stockroom "backstage".) Which is your favorite?

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  1. Ooooh. Those blushes look soo purdy! I might need to check out Outspoken as I have been looking for a nice pale pink blush, because I only have about a kazillion pink blushes.

    How much coverage did the concealer have? Would it be able to cover blemishes or it is just better for under eyes?

    1. The concealer works MAGIC under my eyes and is about the same consistency as the Armani. However, it also contains a highlighter, so I'm not sure that is what you would want on blemishes. It is covering my circles really, really well and you can't detect you are wearing anything on your face.

  2. I'm intrigued by the concealer but, man, do I wish I could find just one concealer for under eyes and other weird things on my face I need to conceal. One day....

  3. I totally agree with you on how their concealer looks really good, as do the blushes. I saw these in my local Canadian store yesterday. I'm happy they decided to distribute them up north as well.

  4. I was supposed to go to Sephora on Saturday and couldn't. I hope by Tuesday they aren't sold out. I want the concealer now - you temptress!! And I won't be happy without an e/s palette.

  5. I really want the concealer now that you reviewed it. I was supposed to go on Saturday and couldn't get there but hopefully they'll have it on Tuesday. And I need an e/s palette in my life. NEED!!

  6. Pretty blush, pretty packaging! "Backstage"?? Haha!


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