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I love hair gadgets. Rollers, conical irons, texture irons, bubble wands, flat irons--I adore them all. I'm a little afraid to practice with all of them on my own hair, so it's not unusual for Loxy to come home and find Helen and I having a bit of quality time together (I wouldn't have named her Helen, but I didn't have the choice. She's a Betty or a Trixie if you ask me).

My latest favorite iron is the Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret. This promises perfect curls every time  It's not a normal iron whatsoever. In fact, until this one popped up in an Ulta circular, I had never seen one before.


Here is how it works. You select a temperature (high or low) and then a setting to determine how tight you want your curl: 8 (wave), 10 (loose curl) or 12 (curly). The iron heats up to 400 degrees pretty quickly.  Here's the scary part.


You take a small section of your hair (mine works best with about a half inch weft of hair) and lay it through the middle of the curler. When you release the handle, the hair is fed into the curler. When you hear multiple beeps, you push down the handle and release the hair from the curling chamber. While the Curl Secret promises a perfect curl that can never get caught in the iron, I'm not sure that is exactly true.


If your hair has any tangles, the iron won't accept it. If your section is too big, the iron won't accept the hair. If you are holding the iron at a strange angle, the iron won't accept the hair. When you first start using the Curl Secret, it seems as if it doesn't want to accept the hair, ever. You just have to give it what it wants. Small sections of equal length, tangle-free hair.

Have I gotten my hair stuck in the chamber and freaked out, with visions of my hair burning off? Yes. Twice. Did anything happen. No. Did I consider not using this oddity any more? Yes. But I still use it. The key is to make sure that the hair is a small, tangle-free section of even length.

When you do what it asks, you do get pretty perfect curls. The curls (without any setting product) are lasting me several days (at least several days of wave). I'm not sure that you need one and I'm not sure how it would work with hair longer than your chest. I don't know how much room is in that chamber. I'm getting great results on the lowest setting. There is no need to use the higher settings.

For me, this works better than any set of hot rollers, ceramic clamps or unusual hair contraptions. I still love my Bubble Wands and my Beach Waver. But this is a fast way to get really pretty curls if you are brave enough to try it.

In some downtime on a TV shoot last Friday, I got a few of my co-workers and clients to let me try it on them. I'll do a real tutorial when I'm back from my trip to LA but for now, this behind-the-scenes video shows you how it works. Everyone left the studio saying they were picking one up over the weekend.

One of my co-workers even ended up styling the rest of her very long hair with the iron while we had broken for lunch. Her whole head went from slightly air-dried to super smooth and shiny in eight-second increments.

Pick it up for $100 from ULTA.

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  1. That thing totally scares me and fascinates me at the same time. I've been stalking it at ULTA and it may have to come home with me soon!

  2. OH MY GOODNESSS. This is the coolest thing ever. I will get this soon!

  3. Ok, that gadget is so cool! I want to try it!

  4. Wow! This device looks it might need to be on my Christmas wish list! I have the InfinityPro hair dryer and do love it, although it's a little heavy. How do you think this would work on medium length fine (but thick strands) hair that tends NOT to hold a curl? For reference, even after applying mousse, Loreal Smooth Intense smoothing/heat protection cream, and a healthy dose of Loreal Ellnet hair spray all over my head, curls fall to soft waves in no time at all. Looking forward to a tutorial!

  5. Totally buying this! I've seen it and have been afraid but wow - it sounds like it works really well.

  6. I need to convince someone to buy this for me!

  7. Wow! So cool! I really am curious to try it...and scared at the same time, too!


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