Makeup Wars: Color Wars!

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In this week's edition of Makeup Wars, we are showing off our favorite products of a certain color. I've chosen Blue. Why blue?

Blue gets a bad rap. People say it's impossible (or even tacky) to wear but that just isn't true! Everyone can wear blue, you just have to know what you are doing. For some, a little goes a long way. For others, a cobalt lid looks amazing. To me, blue is one of those colors you play with until you find your happy place. Forget the rules and go for it!

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Find your perfect products in other shades by clicking the tiles below! Which color is your favorite?

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  1. That Bobbi Brown liner looks perfect. I'm lacking a great blue gel liner.

  2. That IT Cosmetics Lab Sample looks intriguing! I want smurfy lips!

  3. I have to be careful with blues, but I agree when you find the right shade, it can be gorge!

  4. Agreed! Blues can be so flattering when done right! :) I love wearing navy liners...that must be my "blue happy place"! :)

  5. I am very sad that you don't have my link but I'll be kind and say that I love blue eyeliner. I loved it years ago and then Paula B and everyone made me feel guilty for that but now I can stand proud and say it's a great shade for eyes! I especially like the Denim BB Gel liner and I'd love to try the It Cosmetics blue gloss.

  6. Uh yahhhh....that BB eyeliner is pretty much the best. I agree with you there, sister!

  7. I love me some blue shadow & liner. You're right. for some a little goes a long way…but others can wear a ton of it and look amazing. I think I'm in the little goes a long way camp…even though I do want to wear as much as possible!


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