InviCible Advanced Scar Therapy Works Wonders!

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Dark spots and scars happen to all of us. Over the years, we earn many, but don't really want to own any of them. Sure, while they may not be easily visible to everyone else, little scars and hyperpigmentation can bother you tremendously. InviCible is a reasonably priced treatment that helps scars and dark spots fade without hydroquinone. It's hypoallergenic, not tested on animals and has an amazing safety profile according to the Skin Deep website.

But how does it work? By combining the most potent scar reducing ingredients: vitamin C, silicone, fatty acids, aloe and licorice extract. According to the company, here is how the ingredients help:

One of skin’s main components is collagen. Scars heal through new collagen formation. Untreated skin produces unorganized, haphazard collagen. Vitamin C encourages the production of healthy, organized collagen1,2 which leads to faster and more cosmetic healing1. Vitamin C also decreases inflammation3,4,5,6 and lightens dark skin pigmentation3.
Silicone improves the appearance of both old and new scars 7,8,9. Silicone sheets are cumbersome and interfere with clothing and make-up. Silicone gel (Dimethicone) is as effective and is much easier to apply 7. Easy make-up application is an added benefit of InviCible.
ProBiosyn-4 is a patented all-natural scar-minimizing complex consisting of Aloe Vera, Essential Fatty Acids, and Licorice Extract:
1) Aloe Vera:
  • accelerates wound healing10,11
  • decreases inflammation10,11
  • stimulates new skin growth through amino acids10,11
  • promotes healthy healing in the deepest skin layers10,11
2) Two Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs): Linoleic Acid (Safflower Seed Oil) and Oleic Acid (Sunflower Seed Oil):
  • regenerate lipid biolayer crucial for skin moisture12
  • improve wound healing13
  • improve scar elasticity12
  • control production of prostaglandins, one of the skin’s main “building blocks.” Prevent disturbance in prostaglandin production which causes poor healing14-16
  • lighten dark pigment (hyper-pigmentation)17
3) Licorice (Stearyl Glycyrrhetinate):
  • strong anti-inflammatory18,19
  • accelerates skin renewal20
  • lightens dark pigment and brown spots including melasma20,21
  • anti-acne effects (prevention and treatment)22

That is all great company mumbo-jumbo, right? But how does it work? While I don't have dark spots caused by acne, I do have scars from where my dogs have accidentally scratched me. One in particular on my arm was raised, red and ugly. After about a month and a half of using InviCible, it's now flat, healthy pink and barely visible! Recently, I've been noticing that my legs need some love. Years of nicking my legs has taken a toll on my shins. I've added InviCible to my daily routine. Every day, I apply a bit to my shins in the hopes of reducing the appearance of years of shaving too quickly. I'll let you know how it goes! 

In the meantime, if you have scars that you no longer want, try InviCible. I've tried several over the years and InviCible is by far my favorite. I've gotten much better results with InviCible than I have with creams like Mederma. This retails for $40. If you want to reduce the appearance of scars, this is definitely my first choice. 

If you've tried it, share your experience. If you have another favorite method of reducing the appearance of scars, share it in the comments!



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