Beauty Boxes Just Got Real: Wantable

I never got into beauty boxes. Mainly because I worked for an ever-changing British company that started as a beauty box service. They didn't ship to me, but since I wrote for their blog I couldn't review others. Then, the common thread in everyone else's boxes was that there was almost never any makeup. Let's not pretend. Skincare samples are great, but is that what you are looking for? If you are like me, the answer is no.

Last week I scored a box from Wantable. This is when this box stuff gets real.

Wantable has two options. You can do a beauty box or an accessory box. Both have monthly values of about $80. And I don't mean $80 of Sephora sized 100 point "rewards". (You realize that tiny primer is your reward for spending $100, right? I swear the value of that stuff should be at least CLOSE to $10 to not be insulting.)

You start by answering a ton of questions in your profile section. Questions about how you like your brows. And what colors you prefer. Oh, and what textures you like. Then you'll get a box of products customized for you. Obviously, I chose the beauty box.

This is what I got.

It's actually $80 worth of stuff I would use.


Like the beautiful FACE Stockholm brow powder for redheads.


Or the beautiful berry red lipstick from MiA BelleZZa.


And a pretty shadow and liner pencil from Susan Posnick (use a good primer with this one to avoid transference).


 Plus Japonesque travel brushes.

The only actual sample size product was from Lise Watier for their cream shadows. I was honestly blown away. The box itself is to be ignored. They spent the money on the goodies inside, not gussying up the outside.

Customize your own collection by going here and filling out the profile. I've only received their first box, but I was really, really pleased! Wantable retails as a subscription for $36 each month (fully returnable if you don't like it) or $40 if you don't want to subscribe. They even ship to Canada and Australia.

Do you order Beauty Boxes? Which is your favorite?

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  1. The only subscription box I get right now is ipsy. I love that it's only $10 and I don't think I've been disappointed since I started getting it four months ago.
    I checked out Wantable and I might subscribe or buy a box. $40 seems like a lot to just spend not knowing what you'll be getting... I'll probably bite the bullet though because I'm curious. XD

    1. I have been a Wantable subscriber for the past 4 months and I have loved everything I've gotten. the profile questions are very in depth, and while $40 is a lot for stuff you fear you may not like, Wantable offers free returns on any box that you are not totally satisfied with, no questions asked!

  2. I agree with you on the Sephora "rewards" part. Most of the time their offerings are not products I would or could use anyway. I'd much prefer my points to go towards a coupon or gift card that I can use on the products I do buy there regularly. I wonder if there's ever any chance of that happening?

  3. I loved my first Wantable box--truly usable items in just my colors!


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