Verge + Living Proof's Amp = Perfectly Beautiful Waves

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I'm so tired of the super-sleek hair that has dominated everywhere FOREVER. I want volume! I want waves! I want it all!

I have the equivalent of three heads-worth of hair on my head. It's a lot of hair. Which means that  while it doesn't look thin or overly limp, it doesn't always have OOMPH. Admit it. There is some small little part of you that sometimes want magazine-worthy volume. Here's how to get it without globbing your hair up with tons of sticky products.

Begin by adding Living Proof Satin Hair Serum. This silky liquid gives your hair intense shine and keeps the frizzies at bay. Be careful not to overdo it. Start smaller than you think you would need.

Curl hair all over in small sections with the Verge One Bubble Wand. This iron has a coating that makes curls stay for days, defying soupy summer weather.

Add a touch of Living Proof's Amp Texturizer to your roots by adding the product to your fingertips and raking into the hair. Add a bit to your palms and scrunch your ends, gently. This will give you a piece-y look that is still touchable but messy.

Zuuzge (how do you spell that?) the roots for added boosts of sexy oomph when you need it! I don't know what it is, but the combo of these products gives me the hair I want and that air lasts for more than a full day.

Do you have hair secrets? Share them in the comments.

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  1. Kelly - I'm majorly jealous of your hair! I too have thick heavy hair but I can't seem to get mine to do much of anything! Love your style in this pic! :)


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