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I am a lipstick/gloss/balm junkie. It's a real problem. Thankfully, my husband Loxy totally understands my need to try new colors. He doesn't even stare at the two large bins of lipstick and gloss (plus the case full of MAC colors) any more. I think he thinks everyone must be like me (shh! Don't tell him otherwise, ok?).

However, I recently noticed a trend. No matter how many times I change purses or empty my lipstick bag (that goes in my purse), one color always comes with me. It works for day or night. It works for jeans or a formal gown (not that I wear them often). It just always works. It compliments my weekend no-makeup look and my full face for work. I have yet to find a time it doesn't work for. And while I would never have a signature color,  I am comfortable saying that I have a go-to color.

While I don't love the scent of the lipgloss, I love pretty much everything else about it.  My go-to color is none other than Le Metier deBeaute Lip Creme Fraise Creme. It's a reddish gold, not that far away from my lips but better.

What is the color that you keep returning too? Tell me all about it!

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  1. Great choice. I keep buying Le Metier glosses even though the scent isn't my favorite but they are so beautiful.

  2. What a gorgeous colour. The lip colour I keep wearing is currently 2013 from the Bite Beauty 15 Shades of Sephora collection. Too bad it's limited edition. It's just the right shade of red for me.

  3. I['m obsessed with Chloe Sevigny's makeup in the tv show Hit and Miss. Her eyes are PERFECT and her red lip is the perfect shade of beautiful red with blue undertones. LOVE. (The show is quirky and fun, too!)

  4. Hi Kelly. I have a question for you on this: how's the wear time? I'm trying to break out of my lip color rut and have been looking to ease into a red (ish) color....but not RED. I just can't get myself comfortable with total red. This color looks beautiful in your pic and more like what a scaredy cat like me would go for in the red group. I love LMdB products but they are pricey so I'm just curious about the performance as I've never had any of their glosses. Thanks!

  5. They tend to last the same amount of time as any other good lip gloss. You'll need to reapply at least every hour. It's not a long wearing product.


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